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Check the next few MMS Miracle Mineral Supplement blogs for the Jim Humble's story --how he discovered sodium chlorite, made the Miracle Mineral Supplement 28%, activated it to where it kills malaria sickness in 4 hours, and how to activate it to make it 100% stronger than stabolized oxygen.

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After activation MMS - Miracle Mineral Supplement becomes Chlorine Dioxide -- proven to kill bacteria, virus, malaria parasites, Salmonella infection, Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) and the Influenza virus, Chlamydia trachomatis, Chlamydia pneumoniae, Mycobacterium tuberculosis, Staphylococcus aureus, fungi, parasites, prions, HIV, and other viruses
Testimonials prove that MMS - Miracle Mineral Supplement is the greatest pathogen killer and immune system supporter in the world.

Every household should have a supply of MMS - Miracle Mineral Supplement on hand.

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Mix MMS - Miracle Mineral Supplement - Video Instructions MMS

Since my partner and I have personally showed over 30 people how to Mix MMS - Miracle Mineral Supplement, I thought having this youtube instructional video would be a good example for those wanting to try MMS.

I've noticed that some people have bought the MMS - Miracle Mineral Supplement bottle, but a month later when I ask them "How are you doing on the MMS drops?" and they haven't started taking them, yet.

This video even shows them how to mix the Citric Acid solution that most use as the activator. (To mix citric acid you put 1 part of the Citric Acid powder into a glass jar then add 9 parts of pure or distilled water)

The liquid sodium chlorite drops get activated with citric acid for 3 minutes (3 to 7 minutes). It changes into Chlorine dioxide right in the glass on your kitchen counter. Mix it with a little pure water and or fruit juice (without vitamin C - ascorbic acid) and drink it down.

How to mix MMS- Miracle Mineral Supplement-- The Procedure

So the “How to mix MMS- Miracle Mineral Supplement” procedure is simple. All you need is your bottle of MMS, a clean, empty, dry glass, an eyedropper or a measuring spoon, and the activator (vinegar, lemon juice, or citric acid). The MMS bottle top is the dropper bottle. The following procedure is taken directly from Jim Humble’s site (

MMS- Miracle Mineral Supplement -- What is the Normal MMS Protocol

"Note: When following the instructions below, keep this paragraph in mind. Always activate the MMS drops with one of the food acids, either lemon juice drops, or lime juice drops, or citric acid solution drops (to make citric acid solution add 1 level tablespoon of citric acid and 9 tablespoons of water. Store it in a bottle with a lid.) Always use 5 drops of one of these food acids to each one drop of MMS, mix in a empty dry glass and wait at least 3 minutes, then add 1/3 to 2/3 glass of water or juice and drink. (You can expand the 3 minutes out to 10 minutes, and after adding the juice or water you can wait up to an hour before drinking.)

"All protocol for taking MMS in the Americas starts with one or two drops. Never start with more than one or two drops. People who are very sick and/or sensitive should start with ½ drop. Activate the drops as given above.

"If you do Okay and do not notice nausea on the first dose, increase by one drop for the second dose. If you notice nausea reduce the amount of MMS for the next dose. Do two doses a day, one in the morning and one in the evening. Continue to increase by one drop each time you take a new dose. When you notice nausea, reduce the dose by one drop, or bad diarrhea reduce by 2 or 3 drops. Usually reduce for one or two times before going back the amount that it took to make you nauseous.Note: If you notice diarrhea, or even vomiting that is not a bad sign. The body is simply throwing off poisons and cleaning itself out. Everyone says that they feel much better after the diarrhea. You do not have to take any medicine for the diarrhea. It will go away as fast as it came. It will not last. It is not real diarrhea as the body is just cleaning out, and it is not caused by bacteria or virus. When the poison is gone, the diarrhea is gone.

"Continue to follow the procedure given in 2 above. Until you reach 15 drops twice a day without nausea. At that point increase to 3 times a day. Stay at 3 times a day for at least one week and then reduce the drops to 4 to 6 drops a day for older people and 4 to 6 drops twice a week for younger people.

"Note: Once you have completed step 3 above most of the viral, bacteria, mold, and yeast load will be gone from your body. Your body will be clean. You no longer have to worry about feeding the microorganism load. You can base you diet on nutrition, rather than not feeding the load. The diabetes will be (probably) gone, thus you no longer need to worry about sugar. You won’t have to worry about the pancreas over reacting thus giving you a shock of insulin. Instead it will give you just enough insulin to knock the blood sugar lever to the right level (You won’t feel sleepy after eating a candy bar). Your body will then be able to easily adsorb vitamins and minerals and many other nutrients it might have been missing up to this time. You should feel better as time goes by. Do not quit taking the MMS."
Qouted text from Jim Humble's MMS site

Order MMS - click here: To see the all of the Miracle Mineral Supplement products and a secure shopping cart. They have Jim Humble's DVD's from doctors in Mexican clinics, Jim Humble's book - printed book -- parts I and II together. Citric Acid, plus a mixing bottle, MMS bottles, etc. shipping every day, national and internationally.

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MMS - Miracle Mineral Suppliment -May Help Stop Cancer?

From the web site of and testimonial for Miracle Mineral Supplement -- MMS and Cancer cure of tumor using all kinds of alternative healing therapies, but finally stoping cancer with MMS. The forum from -- Overcomer the sit admin states his cancer success story: "In a nutshell November 2004 I was diagnosed with metasic adenocarcinoma of the head and neck and told it was terminal and I had 3 months to get my affairs in order. My Oncologist said that they could try to operate but I would probably die on the operating table as it was around the Carotid Arteries being a group of Arteries that pass (unprotected) through the front of the Neck and enter the brain. Option 2 was chemotherapy, but was told that it might give me a bit more time (In which they may find a treatment for this type of cancer) but it would take my quality of life away. Obviously neither option appealed to me as I was extremely fit and healthy apart from this so called terminal cancer.

Thankfully I was already in the alternative health ministry, actually teaching others how to eliminate sickness including cancer, diabetes, arthritis, blood pressure and all sorts of diseases, so thankfully this diagnosis did not scare me into panic as it would have normally had I not seen many people heal themselves from cancers by alternative means.I was already on a health 85% raw vegan diet and decided to step up my vegetable juices and barleymax. The tumor started to shrink and then began to grow again. I had obviously been praying for wisdom and guidance and decided that something else was needed. I had been given a lot of suggestions from very well meaning people, most treatments of which were from MLM companies and very expensive. I was lead to cancerx or bloodroot paste and started to apply that. This I did for almost 12 months and it did remove a lot of the tumor but was unable to arrest it completely.My next move was after trying many of the different juices, Noni, Mangostene, Frequency all of which are very good products if you are not on a healthy diet which I already was (having lots of live enzymes and essential amino acids from the raw foods and juices.I was close to death and went to an alternative clinic in Melbourne Australia that gave me Vit C IV, IPT or Insulin Potentiation Therapy, Photo dynamic therapy, ozone saunas and ozone cupping over the tumor. From being wheeled out in a wheelchair the first day I rose 5 weeks latter, 20 pounds heavier and went Hangliding for the first time in 12 months or more. Quite a profound effect.All of this kept me alive but did not arrest the cancer completely so it was suggested by others that I should go to the Philippines and have some Sutherlandia treatment. This I did on two trips to Manila but unfortunately it started to kill the cancer but not eradicate it altogether. In January 2007 which is close to where you saw the first picture the tumor was not only growing before our eyes but it began bleeding profusely. We were led by 4 independent well respected people to go to the USA and have Pinpoint Radiation or Thomotherapy(this was a major step for me being so opposed to chemo or radiation, but the fact that it was focused radiation on the tumor allowed me to say yes). The results were quite astounding, even the Oncology Doctor at the clinic was amazed at the progress we made. I honestly believe it was because of the healthy diet and strong immune system at the time that it was so good.Came home and it continued to shrink away to how it is today. We had a PET scan and I had a defined spot on the left lung which I had surgically removed. Two months later had a chest xray which showed the left looked wonderful but 2 spots on the right lung. Since they could not offer me anything but chemo or radiation I decided to simply use a protocol called (Miracle Mineral Supplement) MMS ( and some Indian Herb, have sodium bicarbonate baths and take sodium bicarb orally. I believe I will be cancer free completely by Christmas 2007. My live blood analysis is showing to be greatly improved since going on the MMS and my energy levels are way up."

Buy MMS Here. This is a secure shopping cart. They ship everyday nationally and internationally!
Note: the cancer cure video removed by special request---

This information is provided for educational use only. It is not provided in order to diagnose, prescribe, or treat any disease, illness, or injured condition of the body. Responsibility nor liability will be incurred to any person or entity with respect to any loss, damage, or injury caused or alleged to be caused directly or indirectly by the information contained above. Consult your health care professional if necessary.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Arthritis Swelling Goes Down with MMS - Chlorine Dioxide

MMS Testimonial: My husband had been suffering with a Lyme disease type rheumatoid arthritis in his hands plus painful joints and knuckles for several years. It kept him from riding motorcycles because you have to grip the handle bars quite hard with your fingers to hold on.

Will the Arthritis Swelling in the Hands Go Down with MMS - Chlorine Dioxide (Miracle Mineral Supplement)?
Read more?

He started taking 1 drop of MMS four times a day. The next day he took 2 drops four times a day, then 3 drops X four times and by the time he was on the 5th day -- he was taking 5 drops X four times a day. The swelling in his hands was gone. With MMS and 5 days he could use his hands again.

What does this mean?

Could it be that littler critters (bacteria, spirochetes, micro organisms) in the joints were killed by the immune system using the Miracle Mineral Supplement - MMS?

Does that mean that under arthritis and other joint problems are bacteria and other micro organisms?

What do you think is happening?

Answer with your MMS comments... or Leave your MMS testimonial below.

To read more of the story go back to the blog before this one:

Tuesday, October 9, 2007--MMS - Miracle Mineral Supplement - Chlorine Dioxide ion - CLO2 - Kills Pathogens

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

MMS - Miracle Mineral Supplement - Chlorine Dioxide ion - CLO2 - Kills Pathogens

Chlorine dioxide ion (CLO2) has been FDA approved to treat water and wash raw poultry, meat and fish while processing. It is said to kill 100% of pathogens in water treatment systems and in processing plants.
This quote is from MMS - Miracle Mineral Supplement, Jim Humble who discovered the hidden properties of "Stabilized Oxygen" and a way to increase its properties 100 fold its ability to kill 98 to 100% of dangerous pathogens in the system.

WATER PURIFIER Also called MMS - The Miracle Mineral Supplement of the 21st Century. Jim Humble, a metallurgist, gold prospector and chemist whose quest to understand why a simple solution of stabilized oxygen – used to make water drinkable while deep in the jungle –sometimes cured malaria. Because most of the gold miners recovered from malaria this lead to the discovery behind stabilized oxygen and why it was working. Humble begin to study and discovered that chlorine dioxide, CLO2, was the oxidizer and not the oxygen in stabilized oxygen. Next, he found a way to make the mineral solution 100 times stronger. ***At the end of this article you'll find a supplier for MMS where you can purchase a year's supply for only $20 plus shipping. That's a great deal!

Quote from Jim Humble's book:

"This MMS - Miracle Mineral Supplement Breakthrough can save your life, or the life of a loved one. Please read...

"The answer to AIDS, hepatitis A,B and C, malaria, herpes, TB, most cancer and many more of mankind's worse diseases has been found. Many diseases are now easily controlled. More that 75,000 disease victims have been included in the field tests in Africa. Scientific clinical trials have been conducted in a prison in the country of Malawi, East Africa.

"Separate tests conducted by the Malawi government produced identical 99% cure results.

Over 60% of the AIDS victims that were treated in Uganda were well in 3 days, with 98% well within one month. More than 90% of the malaria victims were well in 4 to 8 hours. Dozens of other diseases were successfully treated and can be controlled with this new mineral supplement. It also works with colds, flu, pneumonia, sore throats, warts, mouth sores, and even abscessed teeth (it's the only thing that controls and cures abscessed teeth).

"The inventor believes that this information is too important to the world that any one person or any group should have control. The free e-book download on this site gives complete details of this discovery. Please help make sure that it gets to the world free. There are many medical facts that have been suppressed and this invention must not be added to that list. The name of the e-book is The Miracle Mineral Supplement of the 21st Century. Download it now for free and ask your friends to download it. This book tells the story of the discovery, and how to make and use it. This book can save your life. Give it a try.

"Although Part I of the e-book tells everything, there is a second Part that gives more details and covers the data more thoroughly. There is a small charge for the second book to cover the distribution ($9.95). Extra money from these sales will go towards humanitarian efforts in Africa, which will in the long run benefit the world. Remember, e-book Part I is free and it tells you everything you need to know. Click here and download it now free.

"Please read the first book first. It will be much more logical that way. We mentioned Part II only because we didn't want you to be surprised about the charge on the second Part. If you want more data now on the second Part click here. (on the site)

"This is an image of a model of a chlorine dioxide ion (CLO2 ). It is the secret to this new mineral. It is the most powerful killer of disease pathogens know to mankind, and that is a known fact. Now, read in Part I about how it has been converted for use in the human body."

...from Jim Humble's eBook

Would you like to receive a information on purchasing a bottle of MMS - Miracle mineral Supplement? We'll see if there is a distributor in your country.
MMS - Water Purification Kit - 1 MMS + 1 50/50 activator.

Water Purifier is found here along with other alternative 

For additional help taking MMS, etc., instructions email me here with your state or country:

MMS is only $25 a bottle plus S&H. Usually $7 in the US and $13 for Canada. Other countries shipping is between $17 to $40. Remember you are getting a two year supply.

Roi and I are presently taking this supplement and we have noticed beneficial results after 5 days. The arthritis in Roi's hands is much better, his hands are not hurting, not swollen, and his hands are warmer also. I slept better last night than I have for years.

We need your help in sharing this information with others because the "establishment" is going to lose a lot of money as MMS - Miracle Mineral supplement gets established in the market. They will try to close everyone down saying ...that this mineral supplement is a drug. It might become a controlled substance and they will charge 1000 times its value like they do with cancer drugs.

Please copy and pass the MMS - Miracle Mineral Supplement info to your friends and family. Use this link: http:

Thank you so much!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Cancer Tumors Grow in an Acid Condition

Cancer Free eBook we reviewed. See below for the link.

Will an inexpensive supermarket cleaning and baking product kill cancer cells better than chemotherapy?

Is this the Cure for Cancer?

Itallian doctor is healing cancer patient after cancer patient with Sodium Bicarbonate. Now for a short Lesson in Cancer and General pH Management.

Most of us are going to be surprised to find out that there is an oncologist in Rome Italy, Doctor Tullio Simoncini, destroying cancer tumors with sodium bicarbonate.

"Sodium bicarbonate is safe, extremely inexpensive and unstoppably effective when it comes to cancer tissues. It’s an irresistible chemical, cyanide to cancer cells for it hits the cancer cells with a shock wave of alkalinity, which allows much more oxygen into the cancer cells than they can
atlerate. Cancer cells cannot survive in the presence of high levels of oxygen.
Sodium bicarbonate is, for all intent and purposes, an instant killer of tumors.
Full treatment takes only days, as does another cancer treatment that heats the
cancer cells
with laser generated heat. (see combining ph shift with the application of heat on this same web site below.)

To learn more about simple cancer treatments: go to the International Medical Veritas Association

Additional Cure Cancer information

Learn why 75% of the physicians refuse chemotherapy themselves

The great lack of trust is evident even amongst doctors. Polls and questionnaires show that three doctors out of four (75 per cent) would refuse any chemotherapy because of its ineffectiveness against the disease and its devastating effects on the entire human organism.
This is what many doctors and scientists have to say about chemotherapy:“The majority of the cancer patients in this country die because of chemotherapy, which does not cure breast, colon or lung cancer. This has been documented for over a decade and nevertheless doctors still utilize chemotherapy to fight these tumors.” (Allen Levin, MD, UCSF, “The Healing of Cancer”, Marcus Books, 1990).

“If I were to contract cancer, I would never turn to a certain standard for the therapy of this disease. Cancer patients who stay away from these centers have some chance to make it.” (Prof. Gorge Mathe, “Scientific Medicine Stymied”, Medicines Nouvelles, Paris, 1989)

“Dr. Hardin Jones, lecturer at the University of California, after having analyzed for many decades statistics on cancer survival, has come to this conclusion: ‘… when not treated, the patients do not get worse or they even get better’. The unsettling conclusions of Dr. Jones have never been refuted”. (Walter Last, “The Ecologist”, Vol. 28, no. 2, March-April 1998)
“Many oncologists recommend chemotherapy for almost any type of cancer, with a faith that is unshaken by the almost constant failures”.(Albert Braverman, MD, “Medical Oncology in the 90s”, Lancet, 1991, Vol. 337, p. 901)

“Our most efficacious regimens are loaded with risks, side effects and practical problems; and after all the patients we have treated have paid the toll, only a miniscule percentage of them is paid off with an ephemeral period of tumoral regression and generally a partial one” (Edward G. Griffin “World Without Cancer”, American Media Publications, 1996)

“After all, and for the overwhelming majority of the cases, there is no proof whatsoever that chemotherapy prolongs survival expectations. And this is the great lie about this therapy, that there is a correlation between the reduction of cancer and the extension of the life of the patient”. (Philip Day, “Cancer: Why we’re still dying to know the truth”, Credence Publications, 2000)

“Several full-time scientists at the McGill Cancer Center sent to 118 doctors, all experts on lung cancer, a questionnaire to determine the level of trust they had in the therapies they were applying; they were asked to imagine that they themselves had contracted the disease and which of the six current experimental therapies they would choose. 79 doctors answered, 64 of them said that they would not consent to undergo any treatment containing cis-platinum – one of the common chemotherapy drugs they used – while 58 out of 79 believed that all the experimental therapies above were not accepted because of the ineffectiveness and the elevated level of toxicity of chemotherapy.” (Philip Day, “Cancer: Why we’re still dying to know the truth”, Credence Publications, 2000)

Cancer Is A Fungus
-- The Cure for Cancer Has Been Discovered --

Tullio Simoncini (1951) is a roman doctor specialising in oncology, diabetology and in metabolic disorders.

He has a strong opposition to any type of intellectual conformity, which is often based on suppositions without foundation or worse, on lies and falsities.When, considering the total failure of official oncology, which is obvious to all, one can understand his strongly critical position of an Italian and global medical system that operates in what is a scientific dead end that is of no help whatsoever to the patients.

Dr. Simoncini cultivates sports and takes care of his mind and body by following elementary natural rules such as a healthy diet, physical activity and the practice of moral responsibility. He favourite sports are jogging, skiing and soccer.His tendency to medical and scientific synthesis also stems from a natural sensitivity that tends to perceive the harmony of the whole as distinct from the value of its constituent parts. This quality is reinforced and expressed by his propensity for music, and cultivated by his practice of musical instruments such as piano and classical and modern guitar.When a student in high school and university, his musical abilities led him to form various musical bands that toured central Italy.

Simoncini’s personality is pervaded by a strong humanitarianism, which triggered him to reflect, because of the impotence of medicine when faced by the pain of patients, on how little and inadequate medicine’s fundamental knowledge is. This empathy for the pain of others has been the constant motivator on the path of his personal life.

He’s always travelling throughout the Italy to explain his theory in congresses, conferences and interviews, and to show how many patients healed from cancer.Dr. Simoncini diecovered that the cause of this terrible illness is a fungus and tried hard to persuade scientists how wrong are the actual theories on cancer. His therapy based on the strongest antifungal substance, sodium bicarbonate, is harmless and very effective and should be adopted all over the world.

Cancer-Free (eBook)

About The Author: "Hi. My name is Bill Henderson. In November 1990, my former wife, Marjorie, began her four-year bout with ovarian cancer. She died on November 1, 1994. Her many operations, chemotherapy treatments and intense pain made her wish often in her last two years for a quick death, or "transition," as she called it. "

Roi just read the eBook: "Cancer Free -- your guide to gentle non-toxic healing." He thought it was a great resource for alternative healing.

Please do your research... people do not always have to follow the 3 only approved AMA cancer procedures of: surgery, chemo or radiation.

There are hundreds of success stories where people try healthy alternative treatments and change their lifestyle to feel good again.

Another first person anti-cancer Book: "Killing Your Cancer without Killing Yourself -- using natural cures that work!" by Allen Chips. Search for this book. I read it and highly recomment it.

Spontaneous DNA and The Rise to Fourth Density

This video moves me sooo much no matter how many times I watch it.

I tell people that what they consider to be "witchcraft" is just a soul made of energy taping into the natural mathematically made energy all around us. It is the Matrix being created by your thoughts and feelings.

Do you believe that 12/21/2012 will be the end of the world, the end of time, or any other catastrophic event?

I say that it will be the end of this age because the exactness of the Maya Calendar, along with so many other collaborating events all point to this day as a great day of significance for our galaxy, solar system and our planet.

I also believe it is the beginning of a "new" age where humanity is freed from control and oppression. 2012 begins a major evolution of who we are.

Sounds like a sci-fi novel doesn't it?
Do the research-- all is conscious and energy. Your thoughts are re-creating your day to day experience minute by minute. Do you like your creation?

The more you research 2012 the more it will amaze and delight you.

There are no limits. Time and space and our substance are endless. I hope your words reach endless realms.

Can you stop the procession of the sun, moon, stars, and elements of the earth and space and soul? Do you care to start understanding it?

Spontaneous DNA and The Rise to Fourth Density --the video

The video to watch:
Spontaneous DNA and The Rise to Fourth Density

By David Wilcox

"Everything in the universe vibrates and oscillates. Therefore the
connecting link between all forms of energy is vibration, sympathetic harmony,
and resonance. Dr. Dan Burisch, David Wilcock, and others have discovered that a simply quartz crystal, electricity, and water are all the ingredients needed to
create a medium for spontaneous DNA to appear in the vacuum..Go my bothers into
your cocoon.. for there will be a new spectrum of life shining soon. Every mind
effects the other.. and our unification creates this reality around us.

"However, we are not the only intelligent consciousness in this universe.
Our planet Earth, the sun, and all of it's sister stars are very much alive and
consciouses.. And they evolve on a macro scale just like the amoeba evolve on a
micro scale.

"2012 marks the evolution of our world.. The spectral rapture in which our
DNA will unravel and unify human beings who are bound by an ancient cosmic
prophecy. Everything in the universe vibrates and oscillates. Therefore the
connecting link between all forms of energy is vibration, sympathetic harmony,
and resonance. Dr. Dan Burisch, David Wilcock, and others have discovered that a
simply quartz crystal, electricity, and water are all the ingredients needed to
create a medium for spontaneous DNA to appear in the vacuum..Go my bothers into
your cocoon.. for there will be a new spectrum of life shining soon.

"Every mind effects the other.. and our unification creates this reality
around us. However, we are not the only intelligent consciousness in this
universe. Our planet Earth, the sun, and all of it's sister stars are very much
alive and consciouses.. And they evolve on a macro scale just like the amoeba
evolve on a micro scale. 2012 marks the evolution of our world.. The spectral
rapture in which our DNA will unravel and unify human beings who are bound by an
ancient cosmic prophecy.

Watch the video and let us know what you think?

Energy Healing--Eating Super-Foods Will Raise Your Energy

Eating Super-Foods Will Raise Your Energy

By Taylore Vance, Reiki Master -- Visit MySpace -- Reiki Ranch at MySpace social bookmarking site

As I dive into what-to-eat to become immune to disease, we must realize that we live in a sea of energy, swirling around and thorough us eternally.

Your level of energy is VERY IMPORTANT!

The energy you are attracting -- matters to your health and joy!

Your energy vibrates at a frequency that – governs your health, happiness, and "how hard your life seems to be." (The Law of Attraction)

It is proven in Reiki that -- We can be in chaos all around us and still feel joy inside when our energy is aligned with higher vibrational frequency.

One guest asked: "How can I keep my energy High?"

It can be Simple, if you know how.

You, too, can learn how to test this flow of energy and keep your personal energy flow in the higher vibrational ranges.

We have classes at the Reiki Ranch if you are interested in learning the do-it-yourself way of healing your life. (You could hire an energy healing via Remote Energy Healing methods to check and heal your situation.)

There are hundreds of different vibrations going on in your body at all times. You can learn the simple way to keep them harmonious. (When you are harmonious, you attract harmony -- Law of Attraction.)

What are these vibrations doing?

Your body is attracting and repelling outside vibrations 24 hours a day. You are attracting certain energy vibrations that are like those in your body all the time.

Do you want to attract health, wealth and well-being?

Well, YES, of course! If you are serious about attracting health – you must learn to vibrate in harmony with those qualities.

QUESTION: Are you attracting health challenges (sickness) and/or you do know friends and family who are in this process?

Well, that may not be too much fun! This attraction factor of sickness could be temporary or terminal.

How to get out of low frequencies?

Being a Reiki energy healing master, myself, for over the last 15 years I have developed the ability to detect the level of energy in another person’s body.

The body in general can be tested for energy levels on a scale of 1 to 10. Everything even a small part, such as: the their liver, kidneys, their digestive system, their hand, foot, back, eye, aura or any other location you can think of. If their energy level is testing "low" then an energy healing is needed to raise the vibrations so they can feel better and get well. Energy blockages can be eliminated and healthy energy restored.

Clients have low or dark energy fields in those places effected by pain, stress, tension and may even have a name brand disease like Lyme disease, fibromyalgia, flu (influenza), MS, Gallstones, genital herpes, gonorrhea, Graves' disease, Hashimoto's thyroiditis, hay fever, headache, heart disease, etc. Bad energy can be released and a high energy installed -- layer by layer.

Low energy attracts like-minded energy. So, if a person has low energy they are attracting low energy types of physical problems. It is the Law of Attraction.

Low energy attracts sickness and disease in this case.

What can we do about the low energy in your body?

We need to raise the vibrational frequency of that area where the person is feeling pain or having a sickness. How can you raise the energy level?

People raise their energy by:

***getting an energy healing
***intent, positive intentions
***taking homeopathic remedies, herbs, supplements, vitamin & minerals
***eating superfoods

Eating Super-Foods : Chlorella and Spirulina to avoid disease

Check out this website:

Chlorella and Spirulina are considered to be the perfect foods for humans and are better known as superfoods. They are both micro-algae that are grown in fresh water farms and have existed for billions of years way back when the Earth was in its earliest stages, even before the existence of animals.

Chlorella and Spirulina have been rediscovered nearly 20 years ago and they have been recognized for their seemingly limitless benefits they provide for humanity. These superfoods contain all essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals and fatty acids needed to sustain human life including other trace minerals that scientists haven't yet identified. Spirulina has been found to contain twelve times the digestible protein found in beef.

Both Chlorella and Spirulina contain far more calcium than milk. Both superfoods have been shown to actually rebuild nerve tissue in the brain and throughout the body, shrink cancer tumors, correct nutritional deficiencies, regulate pH blood levels, increase mental capacity, repair DNA damage, protect against radiation; pesticides; and other environmental toxins, improve the immune system, digestive system, and nervous system.

Chlorella and spirulina have been described as the most exciting nutritional discovery on planet Earth. They have been known to actually reverse cancer in the body. They contain a high content of essential fatty acids such as GLA (gamma lineotic acid), also found in human breast milk, which are critical for healthy brain function and mental development. The nutritional substances in Chlorella and Spirulina are found in near perfect ratios and include: Protein: Chlorella 58%, Spirulina 67%, Vitamins: Vitamin A, all B Vitamins (including B 12 which is never found in plants) Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Macrominerals: calcium, magnesium, zinc, potassium, Trace Minerals, Omega Three Fatty Acids, Mucopolysaccharides, Beta-Carotene, Nucleic Acids: RNA & DNA, and Chlorophyll.

The vitamin and mineral content of these superfoods are in their natural forms, the way the human body was meant to absorb them something which no vitamin nor even regular vegetables can even compare. There is something almost magical about the natural vitamins found in plants: they are more healthful, more absorbable, and more effective than bulk vitamin supplements.
Avoid Disease by Eating Super Food

Chlorella and Spirulina are shown to be highly effective in reversing the following conditions: Cancer, Obesity, Diabetes, Arthritis, Depression, Liver Disorders, Intestinal ulcers, Hemorrhoids, Asthma, High Blood Pressure, Constipation, Bleeding Gums, Infections, Inflammation, Body & Breath Odor, Degenerative Diseases, Vitamin & Mineral Deficiencies, and more.

These micro-algae help support the healthy pH balance of the blood in the body, which protects against loss of bone mass while giving the kidneys a much-needed rest. Chlorella and Spirulina would drastically improve the health of America because we're almost completely malnourished.pH balance is critical for human health. In fact, the pH of your blood must be kept as a precise level (around 7.2 on the pH scale). Acidic foods, when routinely ingested, create a pH imbalance in the human body. Consuming highly acidic foods and beverages causes an imbalance in the pH of the body, and so the body responds by countering the acidity with behavioral and biochemical strategies that eliminate these excess acids. Micro-algae offer a convenient solution to the pH problems of most diets. Both chlorella and spirulina are alkaline foods, which means they counter the acidic foods and help raise the pH level towards the alkaline side of the scale. This, in turn, promotes increased bone mass (since your body doesn't have to sacrifice calcium to balances its pH), and vastly improved metabolic functions.

The nucleic acid in the human body (RNA/DNA) is responsible for directing cellular renewal, growth, and repair. The amount of nucleic acid in the body decreases with age. Nucleic acid is depleted by lack of exercise, stress, pollution, and poor diet. Since Chlorella has a true nucleus, it is a more evolved organism than the other common green micro-algae and therefore may offer superior-quality RNA/DNA. This particular aspect of its RNA/DNA, measured by the CGF, strengthens immunity by improving the activity of T- and B-cells, which defend against viruses and other invading microorganisms, and macrophages, which destroy cancer and cellular debris in general.The nutritional value of the foods we Americans currently consume are at an all-time low. The refined foods we eat have been stripped of its nutritional content. It is no wonder that obesity, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, angina, and cancer, all food related diseases, plague our nation.Why haven't you heard about them? Well for one, pharmaceutical companies can't sell them and they are virtually unknown to western medical professionals.

Spirulina is considered to be the answer to global malnutrition and food shortages world wide. Spirulina, the world’s most digestible source of high quality protein, produces twenty times the amount of protein in soybeans. Spirulina is the best source of GLA and helps rebuild body tissue, reduce inflammation, improve hormonal balance. GLA has been known to be effective for the following health conditions: Lyme disease, fibromyalgia, flu (influenza), MS, Gallstones, genital herpes, gonorrhea, Graves' disease, Hashimoto's thyroiditis, hay fever, headache, heart disease,

Spirulina contains concentrations of nutrients unlike any other single grain, herb, or plant. Spirulina also contains phycocyanin, a potent anti-cancer phytochemical that also gives spirulina its characteristic blue hue. The mucopolysaccharides found in spirulina support healthy intestinal flora -- the "friendly" bacteria in your digestive tract that protect you from disease and aid in digestion.

Chlorella is known to be a complete whole food and has been found to boost the immune system, detoxify the body, improve digestion, accelerate healing, relieve arthritis pain, and aid in the prevention of degenerative diseases. Chlorella is the richest source of chlorophyll on planet Earth. There's nothing more cleansing and detoxifying than chlorophyll.

Chlorophyll actually helps remove heavy metals from your body that have accumulated due to the ingestion of contaminated food products. This chlorophyll cleanses the liver, kidneys and blood of toxins and metabolic impurities. The cleansing effect of chlorella and spirulina isn't limited to only those who engage in substance abuse. Thanks to environmental toxins, air pollution, water pollution and other contaminants, we are all exposed to toxic substances, even if we avoid the worst habits like smoking. As a result, we can all benefit from the cleansing and detoxifying effects of chlorella and spirulina. CGF (chlorella growth factor), which is found in the nucleus of the chlorella cell, actually promotes the body's innate healing ability to grow and repair nerve tissue. Studies have shown that Chlorella's ability to fight tumors, viruses, and cancers are nothing short of remarkable.

Simply inject chlorella into breast cancer tumors, and they are "killed completely." Chlorella increases the blood chemistry of the body by increasing red and white blood cells, platelets and albumin. People with cancer normally have a decreased level of albumin.

Health and well-being starts in the nutrition of the body! Diseases will not be attracted to you body when you create the correct nutrition.

It is all about vibrational frequency -- establishing a frequency with the aid of nutrition..

Junk food tastes good to the mouth, it is fast food and convenient. The problem is that commercial food has been treated to taste good, but it is dead and empty.


When you are healing Lyme Disease with essential oils, Thieves, for example... You can kill the Lyme’s spirochetes -- Borrelia burgdorferi bacteria (It is usually spread by deer ticks, but that includes all biting insects, person to person contact, etc.)

Order the Thieves essential oil (from Young Living Essential Oil company – order with our distributor number 931822 and our non profit healing school gets a full donation of all commissions.) It will kill most all of the Lyme Disease bugs plus many other parasites in warm blooded bodies.

Next, you will want to create an environment in the body to promote wellness by building up the natural immune system. That keeps you from having the same reoccurring diseases or problems.

Five Supportive Supplements:

  1. Systemic Enzymes and
  2. Co-Enzyme Q10
  3. Real Super Food
  4. Probiotics
  5. Organic, fresh, raw food and juice or slightly cooked

List of Diseases and conditions that can be helped by these 5 supportive supplements: AIDS, Allergies, Alzheimer's disease, anxiety disorders, arthritis, asthma, astigmatism, autoimmune diseases, benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH), bipolar disorder (manic-depressive), brain cancer, breast cancer, cancer, candidiasis, cataracts, celiac disease, cervical cancer, chicken pox, Chlamydia, chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), chronic illness, cold sores, colon cancer, constipation, common cold, COPD, cough, Crohn's disease, cystic fibrosis, dementia, diabetes, diarrhea, Depression, eczema, endometriosis, eye disorders, fibroids, fibromyalgia, flu (influenza), food poisoning, Gallstones, genital herpes, gonorrhea, Graves' disease, Hashimoto's thyroiditis, hay fever, headache, heart disease, hemochromatosis, hepatitis, herpes, high cholesterol, HIV, Hodgkin's disease, HPV (human papilloma virus), hypertension, impotence, insomnia, irritable bowel syndrome, jaundice, kidney disease, lactose intolerance, leukemia, liver cancer, liver disease, lung cancer, lupus, Lyme disease, lymphoma, meningitis, meningococcal, disease in general, menopause, mental illness, myopia (short-sightedness), migraine, multiple sclerosis, muscular, dystrophy, narcolepsy, Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, obesity, osteoporosis, otitis media (middle ear infection), ovarian cancer, overweight, pain, Parkinson's disease, pelvic inflammatory disease, pertussis, pregnancy, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), prostate cancer, prostate disorders, Raynaud's Phenomenon, SARS, sexually transmitted diseases, sleep disorders, smoking, stroke, thrush, thyroid disorders, whooping cough, etc.

There Is No Such Thing As "No"

Anything you give your attention to added to your life. (The Secret) (The Law of Attraction)

How's does that work?
That's the way the Universe works. If we have strong enotions about a person, situation, or thing wheather it is a yes or no we are drawing that energy to us.

Abraham-Hicks says it best:

Try screaming "nooooooo" and you are including that thing in your vibrational field.

Fight war!
Fight drugs! (DARE)

This action is the attraction factor.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Reiki Energy Healing, Reiki Treatment for Neck Pain, back Pain

We all wear a physical body!

You are not the body!

You can learn how to step outside the physical body. You are energy!

We've seen Reiki, holistic, healing, energy healing, metaphysical work, spiritual work, Reiki master, Reiki hands on healing, natural healing, alternative healing, and reiki blessings work in uplifting the energy field of the body. Even with learning Reiki 1 or Reiki 2 you can make a difference in the life of another. If you are a Reiki Master you make a bigger difference.

Life gets better when you learn how to take care of the body!

In reality it may feel like we ...are the body, but we are each the spiritual being who is driving the body.

Some kind of treatment is required ...when the body "gets sick." Pain, illness, sickness only only means the vibrational frequency of the body is low.

As you may know: In Quantum physics the view is beyond the physical!

With a Laser Reiki healing you can raise the frequency of the body and it can get well.

Health and wellness are natural to the body. When a person had neck pain --it can be proven that the frequency of the neck is low. If you have a lower back pain -- that means that the energy flow in your lower back is low or partly blocked. An energy healing would help release the blockages so the body can heal itself again!

Practitioners who give Laser Reiki healings remove the energy blockages and then test again.

After the energy healing the pain is gone! (Well, it is usually completely gone, but sometimes it may several layers of energy healing to get through to the root cause of the problem or disease.

The results of an energy healing -- The frequency is higher and into the range of health, joy, happiness!

Healing the body is a mechanical process. You may have energy blockages causing sickness?
We can check it for you...

Taylore Vance and partner Roi Halse
Reiki Masters
Reiki Blog at Reiki Energy Healing–Remote Distance Healing where Taylore shares techniques. She and her partner have an energy healing center at Reiki Ranch, Chehalis, WA.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

"Help Me!" The Little Voice said...

Wow! Things are really popping at the Reiki Ranch. (This story is about a ghost, entity, dis-incarnated spirit, being or what?)

Jennifer and I (Jessie) have been camping out here on the energy healing center with our trailer since the beginning of June. We’re participating in all the summer Reiki classes and have come to expect the unexpected, but what happened this morning shocked and delighted us all.

Jenn and I walked down to Taylore and Roi’s house to meet the couple that was visiting from Texas. As we were sitting in the living room conversing, we all heard a small raspy voice saying, "Help me!"

We look around the room to see if we could figure out where the little voice was coming from. Jenn looked toward her little dog and questioned, "I wonder if Bay has learned to talk?"
Taylore said, "I don’t think it was my laptop computer. I don’t have anything open that would speak!" The man who was visiting heard it distinctly that he hurried upstairs to see if his wife needed help.

Meanwhile, I got up to look in the direction of the voice. Then I saw the image of a little girl; about six years old, dressed like a character from "Little House On The Prairie" poised to make her transition to the other side.

She said to hurry up, there wasn’t much time, so I gave her a gentle nudge upward, but her feet were firmly planted. I brought down a column of golden bright light. She still didn’t budge, so I asked for help from a higher source, and two figures that felt to me like angels immediately appeared at the child’s elbow and she begin to ascend.

As she was leaving she gave me a big smile, then was gone. We all felt that she was not attached to these people, but she came on this trip with them at a great expenditure of energy to get to us here at the Reiki Ranch, she because knew we could help her.

Isn’t energy healing a great experience!

I wonder what tomorrow will bring?

(This story was written by Jessie Weaver and Jennifer Sheedy and submitted to the Reiki Healing Blog by Taylore)

Peace – Joy – Love,
Taylore Vance
Reiki Healing Master

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Energy Healing may Help Depression

Energy Healing Has Helped... Many with Depression!

Three Signs of depressionsymptoms key to establishing a diagnosis according to the Mayoclinic's study.

  1. Have you noticed a Loss of interest in normal daily activities? You lose interest in or pleasure from activities that you used to enjoy.

  2. You may have a Depressed mood. You feel sad, helpless or hopeless, and may have crying spells. In addition, for a doctor or other health professional to diagnose depression, most of the following signs and symptoms also must be present for at least two weeks.

  3. Are you experiencing a Sleep disturbance? Sleeping too much or having problems sleeping can be a sign you're depressed. Waking in the middle of the night or early in the morning and not being able to get back to sleep are typical.

How Can Energy Healing Help Depression?

"Energy Healing" describes various alternative and holistic healing approaches to restore and balance the human energy field.

Western cultures are not generally taught about the importance of "keeping your energy flowing" as a necessary part of wellness that creates an inner happiness and joy.

Many types of energy healing work draw upon Eastern healing traditions, that teach physical health and well-being result from maintaining a balanced flow of life Force energy. This Life Force energy has many names: The most well known energy healing practice is "Reiki" –REI means higher source and KI means energy.

Reiki is a simple Universal (God Force) energy with healing techniques used by age-old masters and now, people from every walk of life and age.

Practitioners aspect this healing energy because it is coming directly from the Universal energy currents. They Acknowledge the sacredness of learning about energy healing.

The attunements to becoming a Reiki practitioner will enhance inborn abilities and enable students to pass Reiki healing energy along to others.

Reiki is beyond all our human divisions. It is neither new age, a cult, nor religion, nor a belief system. Even though Reiki is not a religion, it is spiritual in nature and connects you to the Source Energy that most people call God or the Universe. Besides the obvious use in serious illness, Reiki actively promotes the healing process in many other ways.

Energy Healing acts not only on physical levels, but also addresses mental, emotional, psychological, genetic, and energetic imbalances. Reiki is entirely compatible with other therapies, healing modalities, and treatments. Many nurses and other health caregivers are adding Reiki to their skills.

Energy Healers are finding that: "All diseases are universally caused by energy blockages and low energy flow."

Ever wonder: "What is an energy blockage?" It is an unresolved emotion that is not expressed fully and it gets stuck in the body tissue. It creates a blockage -- like a little dam. Energy can't flow through that area. Healing the body needs high flow of energy. Sick people do not have a healthy flow of energy – they are full of energy blockages.

People are becoming much more aware of the benefits of energy healing is now increasing in the U.S., where it is currently at frontier of holistic health care options.

Types of energy healing work growing in the U.S. in recent years include acupuncture, Reiki, Laser Reiki, reflexology, therapeutic touch, reiki distance healing, Reiki energy healing, absent healing, reiki online, Distance healing, Remote reiki treatment, and/or many other energy healing therapies. These energy healing modalities are considered "holistic" approaches that combine mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health and well-being.

Could you be helped by an energy healing or another alternative health method for depression?

If you've tried everything else why not experience an energy healing?

What do you think?

If you've had an energy healing for depression -- please share the results!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Change Your Thoughts—Change Your Life

"Change Your Thoughts—Change Your Life" is not new, and it is hot news at the Hay House publishing!

We have been teaching "Thoughts Are Things" for many years and helping thousands with our eBook: How Triple Your Income" without working any harder.
Our Prosperity Blog is here: Prosperity Secrets - Blog

Most of us believe that the only way we can change our lives is through tedious work and drastic measures—retraining ourselves, breaking habits, divorcing ourselves from others, changing jobs or even moving to a new area. (You know you can run away from your problems ...because there you are!)

But in CHANGE YOUR THOUGHTS—CHANGE YOUR LIFE, Wayne Dyer shows us that it's simply a matter of changing the way we think.

"When you change the way you think, you'll discover that your sadness, fear, frustration and any other troubling feelings cannot last. Even nature can't create a storm that never ends."

Do your fears stop you from doing what you really want to do? Are you always defending or explaining yourself? Do you worry too much about what other people think? Are you growing tired of always fixing situations for everyone else? Are you ready to do something just for you?

"Hidden in all the storms of your life is the peace you desire."
CHANGE YOUR THOUGHTS—CHANGE YOUR LIFE can help you weather the storms and challenges in your own life.

You have the power to eliminate all of the struggles in your life!
Whether it’s a financial crisis, a family issue, a troubling illness or addiction, a distressing obstacle at work, or a problem in your relationship, you can have access to a solution for every difficulty you face.

Taylore and Roi's Ebook

Using the Law of Attraction to Triple Your Home Based Income $27.00 success package - Instant down load, guaranteed success, bonuas worth over $1500 included and yours to keep even if you return the purchase.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Energy Healing With Reiki (Laser Reiki)

A student(JG)came to the Reiki Ranch to help out with planting a hedge row of English Laurel plants. We're making a living fence with different plants as suggested by Anastasia books (the wild naked woman from Siberia - Russia! She isn't really naked.)These are great books. We sell out of these books at every class.

I noticed JG had runny nose. He said, "It's an Allergy to pollen." The pollen count in Washington was pretty high last Sunday.

I was teaching the Laser Reiki Level 5 and I asked the class to do "An energy Healing" for JG so he could work outdoors without sniffing all the time.

His energy flow for the sinus system was very low. He tested to have energy blockages from other lives in which he lived.

Some of the things from a past life required energy clearing to release the blockages of the problem.

These were:
1. Inhaled smoke in another lifetime
2. Thrown in a volcano and had to breathe sulfur gas
3. Burned as a witch
4. Tortured with water

He did some of the same stuff to others plus he had hidden beliefs about his interaction with flowers. We also used a grounding technique where his energy was taken deep into Mother Earth, aligned with plants, flowers and honey bees. The toxins were transmuted -- so he would not have a healing crisis.

All the blockages were cleared and he was energized. His allergy was released along with the problems.

JG was able to work out doors everyday with no problems -- after the Energy Healing performed by the Laser Reiki class!

It's not unusual in allergy cases to find such hidden causes. Seldom does a doctor know how to do these simple tests to find the emotional root cause of the problem.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Reiki Healing For Alternative Health. Reiki Works!

Energy Healing -- What is Reiki Healing?

Reiki healing is an energy healing treatment to remove energy blockages and negative energy that holds people back. Energy Healing is a process where you are moving from a low frequency (sadness, depression, physical pain and even bad luck) to a higher frequency (happiness, joy, health, and synchronicity that brings you good opportunities for success.)

Have you tried reiki distance healing, reiki, healing, Reiki energy healing, absent healing, reiki online, Distance, Remote, or reiki healing energy? We have a Reiki Energy Healing School in Chehalis, WA.
Call for a remote healing, take a healing course and feel good again.

Reiki is Alternative health!

How would anybody think that they can drug a person back into health and well being? It is like an army/air force bombing another county into peace! (Hummm, I wonder why that doesn't work?)

Reiki is connection to the God within!
Therefore, there is only peace and joy when we go within.... to the god within! The Temple is within!

What do you think helps you?

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Is You Life Working? (Some Complaints)


  • "Well, yeah -- my life's working! But all the time...I seem to keep attracting the same type of men. Will I ever have the relationship that I desire? I want to be wanted. I want to be loved. I want good sex. Why is this ideal relationship eluding me?" reports Ms Client No. 55.
  • "I work really hard. I worked for the government for 17 years and bought a house where I'm making payments. Outside of work I've invested in several business deals, stock, etc. and have lost all my investment money -- over and over! I am now self employed and working 12 hours a day. After five years it's not really clicking yet. A little money is finally coming in, but not like I hoped for. I want more dollars. I've watched The Secret over and over! Why is my home based business not working?" complains Mr. Client No.74.

Whether or not we watch the DVD: "The Secret" -- the Law of Attraction is alive and well. It is working 24/7 in each of our lives!

As human beings we want it all -- and we want it right now! I was reading at another blog ...that warned against using the Secret as if it was a cure-all for all problems.

I agree with that blog that using our smarts and not jumping into "The Secret" until we do our own emotional house keeping in order is wise. (We can get frustrated and disappointed when "the fish don't immediately jump into our basket" or we might even manifest our worst fears -- because what we were focusing on.)

Yes! That'a the Law of Attraction!

We manifest exactly: What feelings or emotions we are vibrating.

  • I want the perfect mate! (Along with that desire for the perfect mate or the perfect relationship ...I have emotional feelings that "I'm not good enough", "I am not worthy", and I have childhood (or even past life) issues that have not been dealt with.) If this could be your situation -- please answer these questions:
  • Question: What will you manifest?
  • Next question: At what frequency are you vibrating at?
We welcome all your answers in the comments below:

Taylore Vance
Reiki Master

PS:We have to keep our focus on our own dreams and let others have their opinions and their dreams, too!

Note: Remote Healing are available! I wear several healing hats... I help people align their energy both for success and to overcome sickness.

PPS: For wealth and Abundance: We have written a really great e-book after we were already manifesting abundance. Using the Law of Attraction to Triple Your Income - blog and Home based business e-book

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Laser Reiki Level 1-4 Workshop (4-days!)

We had a great Laser Reiki Level 1-4 energy healing workshop that was 4-days held at the

It was an awesome class!

I'll let the students, themselves, comment on it!

Jen and Jessie came out to western Washington to spend the summer and they re-attended the class. They have been studying energy healing for over ten years!

This is the fastest learning class we've ever taught!

They were doing excellent group healing by the 2nd day and by the 4th day the small groups healed at least three people in each group within one hour.

I feel like a proud mother.

Okay, anybody -- just jump in and comment!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Understanding Reiki Healings

The Most well known energy healing method is Reiki. It uses subtle energy as a method to deliver the Reiki healings. Reiki healing is a natural holistic therapy that gently balances life energies promoting health and well-being to the recipient. Reiki will do no harm. It supports spiritual growth and emotional clearings.

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Ghost Busting in Panama City

Ever wonder what you might do if you encounter a ghost in a home? Well, Taylore Vance, Reiki Master ( was called to help heal an old woman ghost in Panama City, Rep of Panama, so she could leave the house haunting alone. Her husband was being driven crazy with her ghostly actions. What a mess! Read about the solution...

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DNA experiment proves that cells in the human body can communicate

An experiment which proves that DNA can heal itself according to the "feelings" of the individual as reported recently by Gregg Braden. He says living cells communicate through an energy not affected by time and distance, an energy that already exists everywhere, all the time. DNA CHANGED ITS SHAPE according to the feelings of the researchers...

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Remote Viewing

We use Remote viewing to find the energetic root cause of any disease in the physical body. Here's a good definition: "Remote Viewing" is the ability to focus your mind to a location distant from your body and see with your mind what is there, even if it is hidden. You can see in "real" time or also look into in the past or in the future.

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Astonishing DNA Experiment

Astonishing DNA Experiment

Below is an experiment which proves that DNA can heal itself according to the "feelings" of the individual as reported recently by Gregg Braden. He says living cells communicate through an energy not affected by time and distance, an energy that already exists everywhere, all the time.

The experiment was done by the Institute of Heart Math.This is the experiment that relates directly to the anthrax
situation. In this experiment, some human placenta DNA (the most pristine form of DNA) was placed in a container from which they could measure changes in the DNA. Twenty-eight vials of DNA were given (one each) to 28 trained researchers. Each researcher had been trained how to generate and FEEL feelings, and they each had strong emotions.

What was discovered was that the DNA CHANGED ITS SHAPE according to the feelings of the researchers:
1. When the researchers FELT gratitude, love and appreciation, the DNA responded by RELAXING and the strands unwound. The DNA became longer.

2. When the researchers FELT anger, fear, frustration, or stress, the
DNA responded by TIGHTENING UP. It became shorter and SWITCHED OFF
many of our DNA codes! If you've ever felt "shut down" by negative emotions, now you know why your body was equally shut down too. The shut down of the DNA codes was reversed and the codes were switched back on again when feelings of love, joy, gratitude and appreciation were felt by the researchers.

This experiment was later followed up by testing HIV positive patients. They discovered that feelings of love, gratitude and appreciation created 300,000 TIMES the RESISTANCE they had without those feelings. So here's the answer to what can help you stay well, no matter what dreadful virus or bacteria may be floating around, stay in feelings of joy, love, gratitude and appreciation!

These emotional changes went beyond the effects of electromagnetics. Individuals trained in deep love were able to change the shape of their DNA. Gregg Braden says this illustrates a newly recognized form of energy that connects all of creation. This energy appears to be a TIGHTLY WOVEN WEB that connects all matter. Essentially we're able to
influence this web of creation through our VIBRATION.

This is the science behind how we can choose a timeline to stay safe, no matter what else is happening.
As Gregg explains in The Isaiah Effect, basically time is not just linear (past, present and future), but it also has depth. The depth of time consists of all the possible prayers and timelines that could ever be prayed or exist. Essentially, all our prayers have already been answered. We just activate the one we're living through our FEELINGS.

THIS is how we create our reality - by choosing it with our feelings. Our feelings are activating the timeline via the web of creation, which connects all of the energy and matter of the Universe. Remember that the law of the Universe is that we attract what we focus on. If you are focused on fearing whatever may come, you are sending a strong message to the Universe to send you whatever you fear. Instead, if you can get yourself into feelings of joy, love, appreciation or gratitude, and focus on bringing more of that into your life, you are going to avoid the negative stuff automatically.
You will be choosing a different TIMELINE with your feelings. You can prevent getting anthrax or any other flu, virus, etc, by staying in these positive feelings, which maintains an incredibly strong immune system.

So here's your protection for whatever comes: Find something to be happy about every day, and every hour if possible, moment-to-moment, even if only for a few minutes.

Remote Viewing

We use Remote viewing to find the energetic root cause of any disease in the physical body.

Here's a good definition: "Remote Viewing" is the ability to focus your mind to a location distant from your body and see with your mind what is there, even if it is hidden. You can see in "real" time or also look into in the past or in the future. This skill can be enhanced with consistent practice.

At the Reiki Ranch we teach you how to instantly do Remote Viewing to locate energy blockages at the physical level (you go to the past, present or future lives) Also you can look into the: emotional level, mental level, psychological level, genetic level, spiritual level, and other levels to find emotional blockages and negative energy.

Once the cause of the pain is found it can be cleared (bad energy is removed or released) and the area is energized with a high vibrational frequency of energy (god Source energy.) Reiki healing is the most natural and easily learned energy healing method know to man.

We send out a healing beam of Laser Reiki to the Sick person. Laser Reiki is considered ten times more powerful than traditional Usui Reiki or any other energy healing method by the students who learn it.

With Laser Reiki you never have to touch the person, although you can many people need the human touch to get well and feel well-being.

Next, the body is able to heal the neck pain, leg pain, shoulder pain, stomach pain -- etc.

You get the picture?

Energy healing and remote viewing are easily learned!

Remote viewing is a tool that anybody can do. This process is taught in a 4-day weed workshop.

Energy healing also can be easily sent as a long distance healing (remote healing) to others instantly anywhere in the world.

Does this sound simple?

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Remote Healings /Long Distance Healings Clear Problems

What Would a Remote Healing Do?

We help others feel joy, bliss, wellness, health and success.

The only reason you might feel sad or sick is because your energy is low. When a person's energy vibration is low -- they have energy blockages. They have sickness and disease.

Energy Blockages?

We all have them. Energy blockages are when you have an emotional issue and it doesn't get resolved.
They hold people back form the job and well-being that is your heritage!
Where do they go?

The emotion, anxiety, tension, stress, frustrations that don't get aired and resolved become energy blockages going into the body tissue.

Energy blockages hide in the energy field. And they block healing energy -- they block physical healing. Energy blockages block your joy, well-being and success. When you are free of blockages your energy soars -- you feel good again! The body can heal itself when there is plenty of energy.

It is the Law of Attraction. Low vibration attracts other low frequencies, such as, pain, sickness, problems and depression

How Can You Feel Good Again?

We are a group of energy healers that are trained in removing energy blockages. You might want to order a remote Reiki healing energy treatments to remove energy blockages, darkness, curses, hexes and negative energy.

You can also learn the healing methods at workshops, classes and/or events.

When you take a class at the you receive multiple healings .

Remotes healings are guaranteed to work and you feel the uplifting energy as it is being sent.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Healing Energy Meditation! "Mother Earth Loves Us!"

We are the children of Mother Earth (Gaia)

When we are grounded -- connected to Earth energy we have sent our energy down into her energy -- which is "nurturing, healing, aligning with all that is natural, organic and pure."

Meditation: Relax, breathe in the golden bright light -- the perfect healing energy of Source. Relax your body completly relax your body. Allow your feet to grow roots deep into Mother Earth as if you are a large oak tree. You are grounding your body. Even if you have shoes on your feet, even if you are in a building this grounding exercise, grounding meditation works. Now send some of your energy down, deep into earth. Ask Earth to ground you, heal your energy, and align your blessed energy with all the great healers who have walked upon earth, align your energy with all the great and famous healing vortexes. This is will ground your energy, heal your body. Next bring your energy back into the body and thank Mother Earth for healing your body and grounding your energy. Feel good again, awaking refreshed, whole, powerful, happy and strong!

This grounding meditation actually works very well!

A few years ago when I was in Austin, Texas, participating in a record setting 42 foot fire walk on hot coals with Tony - Anthony Robbins (turn fear into power). While I was walking on hot coals, I looked "down" after about 35 feet into the fire walk and my feet started to get burned. I guess I should have not "looked down" and gotten out of state?

After the firewalk I connected my energy with mother earth and healed my burning feet with this meditation listed as given above here at our Reiki Healing Blog.

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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Want Money? Heal Poverty Consciousness!

Just like healing a sickness in the body, hiding under the words: "poverty consciousness" is the mental sickness causing a individual to experience "lack of money!"

Could someone have a hidden belief that is keeping success, money, wealth, prosperity, abundance and good opportunities away? From childhood bluprints for money and success -- a person might not feel good enough for money, feel unworthy for prosperity, and have a limiting prosperity belief.

When we think about money problems limiting what we can do or what we can buy ...we are creating even more of that situation.

The Law of Attraction!

When we think about lack we feel sadness. We are creating more of the same... The Secret is to clear the hidden beliefs that are holding you back!

Think about using Reiki healing energy for success, money, wealth, prosperity, abundance, and to help you attract good opportunities for making money in any home business.

"Success seems to be connected with action. Successful men keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don't quit."
— Conrad Hilton

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There is good?

"There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so."
-Hamlet, Shakespeare

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Question: "Are You Happy?"

s this you?
"I'm happy!!! I love being connected to Universal Energy and I like helping others. All my dreams can be manifested -- by the secret -- the Law of Attraction. And Reiki is one of the best paths to that destination!"

Tell us how you can got here!!!

What are your ideas?

What helped you most?


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Monday, April 16, 2007

Big Blog Directory: Reiki Healing-Remote Healings

Big Blog Directory: Reiki Healing-Remote Healings

Remote Healings - Once the root cause (the emotional energy blockage) of pain is found in an individual and the energy blockage is removed (via a Laser Reiki Master healer), a higher Source energy is applied. The body can now restore health and well-being because the low energy is removed and a higher energy is established. (The higher energy is considered from god the highest universal source of all.)

This is alternate healing, energy medicine, energy healing -- a new part of the health field

Taylore Vance
Laser Reiki Master

Remote Healing - Long Distance Healing

How do remote healings work?

We are energy healers... which means that we are able to transfer a higher vibrational energy to those with pain, sickness or distress.
  • Health, wellness and prosperity are high vibrations of energy.
  • Sickness, pain and sadness are low vibrations of energy.
  • Neck pain, shoulder pain, elbow pain, foot pain, leg pain, knee pain, headache, etc. are symptoms of the body telling you that something is wrong. We test these areas through remote energy field testing and fined that a persons energy is low.

We connect with the person's Life Manager part of their subconscious mind and clear energy blockages at the physical, emotional, mental, psychological, psychic, genetic, spiritual and other levels.

We are looking for energy blockages which also may be called: negative energy, dark energy, implants, aberrations, dogmas, hexes, curses, etc. ...and we remove them. We next add good energy and the body can then heal itself.

  • Do you want to cover up the pain or do you want it fixed?

What do doctors do?

  1. Doctors give you a pain pill or some other medication to dull your sensors for pain. Sometimes they can make the pain go away. Other times the pills do not work or they cause chemical side effects that further damage the body, mind, or soul.
  2. Doctors may cover up the symptoms but they usually don't try to discover the root cause of the pain. They are too busy. They are not trained in energy healing at the AMA medical schools. They may think that "energy healing" is woo woo!
  3. Psychiatrist do not have the tools to discover the root cause of the mental, emotional or physical distress, depression or sadness. They listen to your problems for a fee and may suggest a prescription drug to reduce (cover up the cause) of the pain or depression.
  4. We bless the health professionals because they are doing what they were trained to do. They are doing the best they can in the short time they have available. They are NOT trained in preventing disease, only in cutting, covering of symptoms and pushing pharmaceutical drugs.

Want to try an energy healing? You've tried professionals (medical persons) and have had no results?

Remote energy healing Special: Regular price is $150 per session.

Special for the next 10 days --call

paid by visa, check or money order or even trade???

Taylore Vance Tel. 360-748-4426