Monday, June 11, 2007

Ghost Busting in Panama City

Ever wonder what you might do if you encounter a ghost in a home? Well, Taylore Vance, Reiki Master ( was called to help heal an old woman ghost in Panama City, Rep of Panama, so she could leave the house haunting alone. Her husband was being driven crazy with her ghostly actions. What a mess! Read about the solution...

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Anonymous said...

I had trouble pulling up this article, but since this is a topic I care about I thought i would post something.

My approach is that all souls have the right to enlightenment, including the ghosts and spirits. Therefore by healing them with Reiki, and releasing them to there next higher level of enlightenment we help the world, the people we work with, and them.

If you are a Reiki practitioner or healer, and want to know HOW to do this I teach an online (videotaped) Reiki class for people who are Reiki 2 and above on healing ghosts, and another on advanced distance healing techniques. I will be adding other special purpose classes over time. See my website: www.

Reiki Ranch said...

Ghost busting, healing the ghost, helping the ghost to cross over into a higher dimension or nirvana / Heaven...
is a noble practice.

Come take a Laser Reiki training on Level 6 Laser Reiki and learn ghost busting -- healing the ghost!

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