Monday, April 7, 2008

Miracle Mineral Solution helps Arthritis

I was talking to Carolyn, a 44 year old lady from Arkansas, who had been on MMS - Miracle Mineral Supplement since November and her arthritis was getting much better although she was taking only 3 drops a day.

The MMS maintenance dose of 6 drops per day is suggested by Jim Humble, discoverer of the miracle mineral solution - MMS. This lady had never even reached that level. Her 68 year old mother's rheumatoid arthritis also was much improved. She was no longer taking pain pills for your joints.

Carolyn had also joined a Reiki treatment circle where she was receiving Reiki energy healing several times a month. Maybe that's why she was getting good results from the Miracle Mineral Supplement where it appeared that she was not taking enough.

There is still lots to learn about Miracle Mineral Supplement.
See other blogs below: learn how to take it, how to buy it (it is cheaper than dirt), what all it does and how it kills all pathogens in the body.

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Anonymous said...

Transference healing methods include energy exchange, intuitive procedures and essences that are combined and offered by accredited healers. They can be of benefit to such conditions if clients are receptive.

Reiki Ranch said...

Yes Liara,

Being receptive to the healing process speed along the healing.

Giving Reiki to a client needs their permission first. By the sick person giving their permission for a healing helps them make a decision to get well -- thereby aligning their energy to a better condition in life -- where wellness is possible.

Since this blog was written, Carolyn has reported an improvement in all areas of her life.

She recently has tried Magnesium Oil Spray application or transdermal as being applied to the skin for the remainder of her arthritis. Her body tested to be way low in the mineral magnesium chloride -- and it needs to be natural, extracted from the sea or Dead Sea mineral deposits where there are no heavy metals.

Her pain is 100% gone now and the magnesium - MG Cell Salt foot bath and topical MG Cell Oil spray plus the MG Cell Gel were the final touches her body needed -- to finish the healing process.

Her strength has returned 80% and she expects continued success.

Check out this educational website:
Cell Mg Bath Salt - Relieves pain, including chronic muscle and joint pain. More info…