Thursday, April 12, 2007

Pain relief for Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain, Back Pain

Have Pain? Tried everything else for pain relief?

Are you willing to go beyond the physical reality in finding the reasons for for Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain, and/or Back Pain?

The root cause for Pain relief has been covered up by over-the- counter pain pills and prescription drugs for many years... So, the pain is covered up and you may not stop and think: "What message is the body trying to give me?"

Our findings at the Reiki Ranch Healing School is that there are deeper levels of energy healing that goes beyond traditional healing methods. After doing Reiki healing work for 6 years we discovered the hidden side of Reiki in 1993. We have taught this very ancient form of energy healing since 1994. More of these ancient instant pain release healing secrets are constantly being revealed to the founders of Laser Reiki and its students and practitioners.

Those who have experienced this instant pain release method agree: "It's quicker, more thorough and longer lasting than other forms of energy work!"

Classes and Remote healings are available. If you live in Washington State or Oregon you can easily drive to the Reiki Ranch for a class or to receive a personal Laser Reiki energy healing. (Laser Reiki energy healings are considered 10X faster that other energy healings.)

Long distance or Remote healings can be delivered to any person and to any place in the world at any time of the day you choose. We simply need your permission to send your healing and how your local time relates to ours. We are located in the Pacific northwest of the United States.
Long distance healings can be felt in real time. You could schedule it to arrive at 4:00 AM while you are asleep. You will wake up more refreshed and energized. This type of energy healing is placed into the "energy body" (it is like your aura -- it is a field of energy that surrounds the physical body) and gently come into the physical for the next three days.

Schedule an appointment or ask a question to the founders?

Taylore Vance
Roi Halse
Universal Reiki Masters


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Your listing has been posted here. Thanks for your support.

Unknown said...

Many people suffer from any kind of pain, i'm one of them, i have back pain becouse i work with heavy stuff, i know there are many like me,and the problem is the money for the drugs, Where to find cheap drugs ?? why prescription ?? well i want to give you an advice one find a doctor friend, two surgery, tree use drugs, the easy is the number 3 i give you a link where i go, a place that work for me, where they help me, or go to your doctor and see the real problem, hope i help you
thank you

Unknown said...

hi, its very informative, Back Pain Relief , thanks

pain management emr said...

This idea sounds interesting! I always suffer from my neck pain specially at work. that's why I'm Looking for pain relief. Thanks for sharing this idea.