Sunday, December 23, 2007

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Check the next few MMS Miracle Mineral Supplement blogs for the Jim Humble's story --how he discovered sodium chlorite, made the Miracle Mineral Supplement 28%, activated it to where it kills malaria sickness in 4 hours, and how to activate it to make it 100% stronger than stabolized oxygen.

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Unknown said...

I have been viewing Adam Abraham's new DVD, “Understanding MMS, Conversations With Jim Humble”.

It is EXCELLENT! You have done a fine job, Adam. Thank You for having the inspiration and talent to do this work.

I will be looking forward to the next MMS DVD project.
There will be a next project, right?

This could be just the beginning of the documentary! The rise of MMS and the downfall of antibiotic therapy and all the destruction it has caused. This is a documentary of a paradigm shift that will rock pharmageddon, will alter our very way of life and our current economy within healthcare delivery around the world.

I recommend this DVD to anyone who is interested in MMS. It is a great teaching tool and clarifies many questions that come up over and over. For those who are working diligently to promote MMS you must see it and present it to those you are working to educate.

Congratulations, Adam, for taking this very significant first step, in education and communication. I wish you many prosperous DVD sales!

visit for further MMS information

P.S. These comments here by Bruce... Adam has been through the thick of it with him. Go to Adams site and you will see Bruce's apology. Also listen to Adam's radio talk with Bruce.
Go to this site:
Then scroll down and click on number 4.

Reiki Ranch said...

Thank you Rett, for your comments to correct some mis-information that Bruce left.

I don't know why Bruce is attacking the MMS sites... then he is trying to sell his own products! Hummm?

Miracle Mineral Supplement has 1000's of positive testimonials. Visit Rett's site:
or visit

There's about 20 in a group of us using the MMS now for over 4 months and we are all experiencing better health and more energy.

MMS is helping millions of people get better health!

MD's in the USA are not trained to look for the root cause of disease. They treat the symptoms.

1. The cause of disease are emotional -- holding on to anger, rage, revenge, stress, anxiety and tension. (Reiki Energy healing helps this...)

2. The second cause of disease is diet-- eating the American diet which is acid forming and causing lack of oxygen in the body.

3. The third cause of disease is parasites of all kinds: worms, micro organisms, bio warfare germs released from laboratories, cow pus put into the flu shots, etc., ...the list would fill a book!

4. Then we have the environment of
Chem trails, bad air, pesticides, chemical fertilizers, unclean water, industrial wastes, pollution of all kinds, chemicals in the food, irradiation of our food, genetic engineering of food with mice and virus genes put into tomatoes, etc. (If I want to eat a mouse I will, but I don't want mice genes in my tomatoes!)

Look at our blog on eating Super Foods to get well!

Life was never meant to be so hard. We came here to planet Earth to have fun. Let's get back on the path to having some fun!

Reiki Ranch said...

Emotions can cause sickness...
How do bad emotions cause disease?

Bad emotions-- such as: hate, rage, anger, blame, guilt shame,revenge, sadness, fear, etc. ...are low vibrational frequencies! Low vibrations cause the body to attract sickness. Sickness is low --- wellness is high frequency.

This is the Law of Attraction!

Connection to God is high. People who complain about everything are attracting low energy. Disease is low energy. Quantum physics proves this! High energy is health and well-being!

Reiki Heals low frequency -- and the person can get well, again.

An energy healer just releases bad energy and then the God energy will fill the client's body. God heals -- not the Reiki Master.

Next question: Just Google the "gene splicing -- animal genes with our vegetables..." Don't be lazy -- research the Internet and you will find many technical studies. Don't attack the Reiki Ranch -- for giving information on your diet and food. Search it out yourself.

MMS is helping millions of people kill the pathogens inside their bodies. Pathogens (bugs, worms, bacteria fungus, virus, microfleg fermatans, and 1000's of micro organisms, etc.) are inside the human body -- pooping, breeding, forming their communities, and therefore these critters are causing inflammation and disease.

I see you believe in chem trails? That is another subject!

MMS will not harm healthy tissue -- quantum electrical charges of MMS (-) only looks to bond with pathogens which have a quantum electrical charges of (+).

MMS will oxidize heavy metals.

MMS stinks to some people -- I agree!

Thank you so much for writing on our Reiki blog! We appreciate our readers.


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