Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Is You Life Working? (Some Complaints)


  • "Well, yeah -- my life's working! But all the time...I seem to keep attracting the same type of men. Will I ever have the relationship that I desire? I want to be wanted. I want to be loved. I want good sex. Why is this ideal relationship eluding me?" reports Ms Client No. 55.
  • "I work really hard. I worked for the government for 17 years and bought a house where I'm making payments. Outside of work I've invested in several business deals, stock, etc. and have lost all my investment money -- over and over! I am now self employed and working 12 hours a day. After five years it's not really clicking yet. A little money is finally coming in, but not like I hoped for. I want more dollars. I've watched The Secret over and over! Why is my home based business not working?" complains Mr. Client No.74.

Whether or not we watch the DVD: "The Secret" -- the Law of Attraction is alive and well. It is working 24/7 in each of our lives!

As human beings we want it all -- and we want it right now! I was reading at another blog ...that warned against using the Secret as if it was a cure-all for all problems.

I agree with that blog that using our smarts and not jumping into "The Secret" until we do our own emotional house keeping in order is wise. (We can get frustrated and disappointed when "the fish don't immediately jump into our basket" or we might even manifest our worst fears -- because what we were focusing on.)

Yes! That'a the Law of Attraction!

We manifest exactly: What feelings or emotions we are vibrating.

  • I want the perfect mate! (Along with that desire for the perfect mate or the perfect relationship ...I have emotional feelings that "I'm not good enough", "I am not worthy", and I have childhood (or even past life) issues that have not been dealt with.) If this could be your situation -- please answer these questions:
  • Question: What will you manifest?
  • Next question: At what frequency are you vibrating at?
We welcome all your answers in the comments below:

Taylore Vance
Reiki Master

PS:We have to keep our focus on our own dreams and let others have their opinions and their dreams, too!

Note: Remote Healing are available! I wear several healing hats... I help people align their energy both for success and to overcome sickness.

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Lynda Lippin said...

Another aspect that people forget is GIVING. Give give give and you will get get get. If you hoard your stuff so will others. If you think people shouldn't give freely, they won't!

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Reiki Ranch said...

Yes, That is a very good comment!

Thanks for visiting our Reiki Blog!

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Reiki Ranch said...

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