Monday, April 2, 2007

Back Pain Was Healed Without Surgery

Lower Back Pain is running wild.

Maria from Tacoma, had just graduated from a 4-day Laser Reiki basic workshop where the first four levels of this ancient healing method are taught at the Reiki Ranch, just 9 miles outside of Chehalis, WA. A few days after arriving back home Maria found out that her uncle who had been in a wheel chair was slated for a lower back operation. His vertebrae were to be fused. He also had neck pain and that also improved with energy healing techniques.

She only had a few weeks to practice her new Laser Reiki energy healing methods on Tom. She cleared dozens of energy blockages and a applied a new higher-lighter beam of Source energy to uncle Tom's lower back pain and problem. He began to feel better, and was much happier!

The day before the operation she called in her master teachers in spirit to assist the final stage of healing the lower back pain of degenerated disks.

The next day Tom was x-rayed at the hospital and he showed such improvement that the operation was postponed. Three weeks later Tom no longer needed the wheel chair nor the back surgery.

He was pain free -- neck and lower back! Hurray!

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This is called a Laser Reiki Healing. It worked for me.

It may work for you, too?

How long have you had your pain?
(Time matters not! Our life is a hologram -- a virtual reality! We are waking up to experience our spiritual power and as beings in a multidimensional setting where we have power to choose freedom, joy, health, and even more fun in life!)


Anonymous said...

I suffer from a lot of back pain due to a car accident when I was a child. When it happened I was in pain for a while but after I healed I had very little trouble until I was 15 and my muscles started to develop, I started getting a lot of lower back pain and have suffered with it ever since. That is until recently when I stumbled across memory foam mattresses. They adjust to the shape and weight of my body to support my back perfectly and let me sleep soundly. I can’t even imagine being able to sleep without my memory foam mattress anymore!

Reiki Ranch said...

Dear jj,

Thanks for dropping by Reiki energy healing for back pain, neck pain, leg pain, etc. You have a good idea about the bed. I use that myself.

I had lower back pain because of a psychological problem of my "not feeling" good enough for my daddy. When we don't feel good enough we also have abundance problems, too, -- we push away good opportunities for success.

An energy healing is what's needed. A good night's sleep will help, too!

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