Monday, August 18, 2008

FDA says: We Can't Cure A Cancer Tumor

Why don't we even know what cancer is? -- after the US has spent billions of dollars in cancer research for the last 70 years no one claims to know anything.
Question: Do they really know? ...and they are not telling us because of money?

If you say: You know what cancer is... then -- "big brother" comes with a SWAT team and closes your successful health clinic, steals your vitamins, minerals, B12 shots, anti-acid diets, and magnesium mineral bath salt. (None of these basic health items are illegal or unlawful to buy, sell, ingest or own!)

What is the big cancer secret?

Why can't, we the public, be advised as to "what cancer really is?" (They know! But it is all about the money -- not about your getting well and living a healthy long life!))

Why can't alternative health practitioners tell their health clients how to prevent cancer or heal the body of cancer? When they heal the real "cause of cancer" their clinics get closed, records stolen, clinic torn up, computers stolen, remedies trashed, etc. If they can and are not thrown in jail for healing people, they might try to reopen in Mexico to continue to help people.

This is a secret below... and they won't tell you this and it is only part of the story...

Cancer only occurs in a person
  1. where there are hurt emotions (energy) stored up and/or blocked energy plus -
  2. the body is very acid
  3. the blood is sticky and cannot carry sufficient oxygen
  4. and there appears to be a lack of the mineral magnesium.
  5. There are other things to consider such as a more natural diet, but that is another story...

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