Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Reiki Energy Healing Schools Bring Happiness

If there was just one thing you could do to create a little more happiness would you think about doing it? Have you ever awakened in the morning wishing you could be a little happier? What is "feeling good now" worth to you?

Where does happiness come from? I have some ideas... Reiki Energy Healing Schooling can connect you with God and that creates happiness.
  1. Happiness comes from inside! What blocks your happiness? Why don't you have even more of it? Do negative thoughts block your happiness? Maybe?? This is how I learned to rid myself of negative thoughts. I was lucky enough back when I lived in Panama in the 70's to come across a spiritual practice that was practicing a Friday fast. They said I should fast by not eating meat on Fridays. Hummm? That was too easy for me since I was a Catholic for 20 years while living in Panama and they practiced the Friday fast. I asked the leader: "Can you think of another fast that I could do that would be more challenging?" They had a spiritual meeting of the minds and came up with a mental fasting program for me. "I could think no thoughts that were negative on Fridays" was my homework! I devised a plan to monitor my thoughts and rewrite any negative thoughts. I would imagine seeing any negative thoughts on a white board, I would erase those words and rewrite the thought in a positive way. I would repeat the process over and over until the negative thoughts disappeared. I liked this challenge and I continued to practice it day after day -- not just saving it for Fridays. After I arrived again back in her USA I found Reiki Energy Healing Schools and that was a god send. Since 1994 we have the Reiki Ranch a well known Reiki Energy Healing School in the Northwest USA.
  2. Happiness is Feeling Good Now! This is not such an impossible task as it may seem when you make it your number one priority in life. Whatever you want in life can be yours when you create a burning desire for it! It will come to you. The Law of Attraction will bring you anything you desire as long as you make it your No.1 priority and don't block it with thoughts and feelings that it is impossible for you to get it. We can help you get rid of the blockages (contra programs) holding you back! Maybe you need a coach who has been where you are and now has what you want. Maybe you need Energy Healing Training!
  3. Keep away from Mysticism. Mysticism is the belief that out side forces are shaping and controlling your life. Example: So the newspapers are saying that the economy is bad and life is hard these days. Are you buying into that? Is that your belief today? Well, if you believe that life is hard, you have to struggle, you must hunker down, cut back, guard what you have, suffer from scarcity and lack of money, that is what you will get. What you send out you get back. How can you overcome all the negative publicity about the economy? "You can Decide not to participate in their recession!"
(If you are curious about how the Energy Healing Training is working -- just give Roi and Taylore a call - tel.360-748-4426)

Roi and I are giving a 4-day Energy Healing Training weekend-- called Laser Reiki. This is for you if you want to change your life. Many of you have already taken the Laser Reiki Course and cleared some of the mental and emotional blockages. After 4-days you felt much better. You may be aware that you can retake the 4-day workshop anytime for a small fee and continue the clearing process. The class shapes itself to the needs of those present -- in other words, each class is different! As teachers we never get bored in class; its all new every time.

In the Energy Healing Training We not only teach you new and simple ways to remove negative mind programming, but show you how to instantly clear past lives, and remove dogmas that weigh you down.

There are even hidden beliefs that all of your life is filtered through holding you back. Hidden beliefs are just like the junk that accumulates in your computer and slows it down. (Usual removal time for hidden beliefs is 10 minutes.)

Do you feel that you are in a struggle pattern or you feel blocked? Why wait to clear this? -- It won't go away by itself, it will only attract more of the same vibrations.

The subconscious mind (SCM) accounts for 96-98% of your experiences. The conscious mind accounts for only 2% of your life. This is why we all need a real good clean up of the SCM and why affirmations seldom work.

We have the amazing tools of Laser Reiki at the Energy Healing School to help you Clean up the inner dialog of the subconscious mind and start creating the life you desire. We are here to help you be free and feel good again.

We are dedicating 16 years of experience for the Energy Healing Training!

What will it take for you to come to the Reiki Ranch?