Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Energy Healing With Reiki (Laser Reiki)

A student(JG)came to the Reiki Ranch to help out with planting a hedge row of English Laurel plants. We're making a living fence with different plants as suggested by Anastasia books (the wild naked woman from Siberia - Russia! She isn't really naked.)These are great books. We sell out of these books at every class.

I noticed JG had runny nose. He said, "It's an Allergy to pollen." The pollen count in Washington was pretty high last Sunday.

I was teaching the Laser Reiki Level 5 and I asked the class to do "An energy Healing" for JG so he could work outdoors without sniffing all the time.

His energy flow for the sinus system was very low. He tested to have energy blockages from other lives in which he lived.

Some of the things from a past life required energy clearing to release the blockages of the problem.

These were:
1. Inhaled smoke in another lifetime
2. Thrown in a volcano and had to breathe sulfur gas
3. Burned as a witch
4. Tortured with water

He did some of the same stuff to others plus he had hidden beliefs about his interaction with flowers. We also used a grounding technique where his energy was taken deep into Mother Earth, aligned with plants, flowers and honey bees. The toxins were transmuted -- so he would not have a healing crisis.

All the blockages were cleared and he was energized. His allergy was released along with the problems.

JG was able to work out doors everyday with no problems -- after the Energy Healing performed by the Laser Reiki class!

It's not unusual in allergy cases to find such hidden causes. Seldom does a doctor know how to do these simple tests to find the emotional root cause of the problem.

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