Monday, April 9, 2007

Find "The Secret" to Happiness!

Everybody is looking for the secret to living a more joyful life.

Do you have pain? Is it physical pain? Or do you have emotional pain?

Do you desire money? A better relationship?

"I think we all have some kind of pain!" says Roi Halse, "We have the feelings of not being good enough -- or we think we have sinned or something."

I've found a way to connect to Source energy and feel good again! It's like being "born again!" But it is not judgemental or religious. It is very wholesome and allowing...

What do you think "The Secret" is?
(Is it tripling your home based income, finding your perfect mate, or just celebrating the wonder of life?)

We want to hear from you!

Please answer with comments...

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M said...

hi. thanks for stopping by my blog. hmmmm....i think the 'secret' to happiness is being true to yourSelf. i don't think that money and things can buy happiness, nor is there a pre-packaged religion that works for everyone. I think when we are true to our own Spirit...soul, lifeforce, whatever you want to call it...the power of the universe works for us not against us.

Paula Kirsch said...

I believe "The Secret" is learning to be "in the flow" and nothing gets one there faster and easier than an "attitude of gratitude"...

Leon said...

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Sandy Walden said...

I believe that happiness is accepting what is with gratitude and joy. Knowing that an even better day is coming tomorrow and that all is perfect at this very moment. Reiki has taught me these things and I try to teach them to my clients and remind myself of them every day.

Sandy Walden
Holistic Life Coach and Reiki Master

Reiki Ranch said...

Yes, when we vibrate with gratitude we are creating a perfect tomorrow (if there is such a thing as "tomorrow".)I kind of believe that we have a series of perfect "nows" -- especially when we keep our vibrations up.

Happiness, gratitude, being thankful, appreciation are all good ways to attract the things we desire via the Law of Attraction.

Thanks, Sandy for posting here!!1

You are appreciated!