Monday, April 16, 2007

Big Blog Directory: Reiki Healing-Remote Healings

Big Blog Directory: Reiki Healing-Remote Healings

Remote Healings - Once the root cause (the emotional energy blockage) of pain is found in an individual and the energy blockage is removed (via a Laser Reiki Master healer), a higher Source energy is applied. The body can now restore health and well-being because the low energy is removed and a higher energy is established. (The higher energy is considered from god the highest universal source of all.)

This is alternate healing, energy medicine, energy healing -- a new part of the health field

Taylore Vance
Laser Reiki Master

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Anonymous said...

Hi I really love your blog. I am a huge believer in tapping intuition and positive energy. Check out Dr. Judith Orloff's book Guide to Intuitive Healing at She's a psychiatrist who specializes in intuition, an unusual combination. You two are on the same wavelength.