Sunday, October 4, 2009

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How do you find the MMS Miracle -- so you can Buy MMS?
There are now several problems for you to find MMS through the old channels of information and also to easily buy MMS. Popular drug companies would like to see the FDA take the MMS off the market. Pharmaceutical companies are all about making money and they cannot make any money on MMS. It might even take a few dollars away from them and the chlorine dioxide is making people more healthy. As you know Pharmaceutical companies are not really about health, but making money for their stock holders. If you disagree -- just leave a comment below.
Some aware seekers and free thinkers are indeed finding MMS -
the once called... Miracle Mineral Supplement.
otential buyers are searching the Internet using words such as: USA MMS supplier, Canada Miracle Mineral MMS reseller, Buy MMS, Buy Miracle MMS, Washington MMS seller, etc. (See our list of MMS sellers below...)
Next problem -- the FDA they decided it was not really a supplement, so Jim Humble decided to change the name from...
Miracle Mineral "Supplement" -- to Miracle Mineral Solution

New Problem: The FDA decided:
-- it Does Not Like the Word -- "Miracle"
In March 2009, Jim Humble sent out an email to the sellers of MMS... saying that to be safe from the FDA all the sellers of MMS should remove the name "Miracle" from... MMS
-------- "Miracle" Mineral Solution -------
Confusing? Yes!

March 2009 Jim Humble announced:
The new name for MMS was to be
--- Water Purification Drops ---

Don't be surprised if you find on some websites that the MMS is now called Water Purification Drops or WPD. (Although Jim Humble himself is still using the old wording -- miracle mineral solution and MMS on his new web sites. click it or type in:

The 28% sodium chlorite (MMS) when activated by a food acid becomes chlorine dioxide -- this has been on the market for almost 80 years as a water purifier. So, Jim Humble thought that would be a safe name for the MMS. Chlorine dioxide kills all pathogens in drinking water. Clo2 also kills all pathogens in the water inside your body -- that is why people are finding MMS and drinking it down. Chlorine dioxide takes care of bugs, germs, heavy metals, viruses, MERSA, Swine flu, mercury,etc., by oxidizing the positive ions at the atomic level. Some people feel the" die off" of these anti-life agents.

To cut this search short --
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