Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Miracle Mineral Suppliment -Spanish -MMS--Chlorine Dioxide ion (CLO2) Kills Pathogens

For all you Spanish speaking friends interested in the Miracle Mineral Supplement -- MMS -- information, testimonials, how to make MMS, How to take MMS, detoxing the body with MMS, etc,

Jim’s book in Spanish

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Anonymous said...


Thanks for the great information on Reiki Energy Healing for all your MMS - Miracle Mineral Solution testimonials.

I have one to share: my uncle had Chlamydia and was suffering terribly and so was his wife because it can b sexually contacted.

He found MMS drops and started taking it -- just 4 drops a day and was feeling better within a few days. He had 100% more energy after two weeks!

Thanks! and good luck with your wonderful site!

Mary Allen

Anonymous said...

Different supplements are promoted on a regular basis. Each one has a story and each one has promoters with specific interests behind them. Its up to each person to use discretion and intuition with personal choices.

Reiki Ranch said...

Dear Liara,

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