Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Reiki Energy Healing Schools Bring Happiness

If there was just one thing you could do to create a little more happiness would you think about doing it? Have you ever awakened in the morning wishing you could be a little happier? What is "feeling good now" worth to you?

Where does happiness come from? I have some ideas... Reiki Energy Healing Schooling can connect you with God and that creates happiness.
  1. Happiness comes from inside! What blocks your happiness? Why don't you have even more of it? Do negative thoughts block your happiness? Maybe?? This is how I learned to rid myself of negative thoughts. I was lucky enough back when I lived in Panama in the 70's to come across a spiritual practice that was practicing a Friday fast. They said I should fast by not eating meat on Fridays. Hummm? That was too easy for me since I was a Catholic for 20 years while living in Panama and they practiced the Friday fast. I asked the leader: "Can you think of another fast that I could do that would be more challenging?" They had a spiritual meeting of the minds and came up with a mental fasting program for me. "I could think no thoughts that were negative on Fridays" was my homework! I devised a plan to monitor my thoughts and rewrite any negative thoughts. I would imagine seeing any negative thoughts on a white board, I would erase those words and rewrite the thought in a positive way. I would repeat the process over and over until the negative thoughts disappeared. I liked this challenge and I continued to practice it day after day -- not just saving it for Fridays. After I arrived again back in her USA I found Reiki Energy Healing Schools and that was a god send. Since 1994 we have the Reiki Ranch a well known Reiki Energy Healing School in the Northwest USA.
  2. Happiness is Feeling Good Now! This is not such an impossible task as it may seem when you make it your number one priority in life. Whatever you want in life can be yours when you create a burning desire for it! It will come to you. The Law of Attraction will bring you anything you desire as long as you make it your No.1 priority and don't block it with thoughts and feelings that it is impossible for you to get it. We can help you get rid of the blockages (contra programs) holding you back! Maybe you need a coach who has been where you are and now has what you want. Maybe you need Energy Healing Training!
  3. Keep away from Mysticism. Mysticism is the belief that out side forces are shaping and controlling your life. Example: So the newspapers are saying that the economy is bad and life is hard these days. Are you buying into that? Is that your belief today? Well, if you believe that life is hard, you have to struggle, you must hunker down, cut back, guard what you have, suffer from scarcity and lack of money, that is what you will get. What you send out you get back. How can you overcome all the negative publicity about the economy? "You can Decide not to participate in their recession!"
(If you are curious about how the Energy Healing Training is working -- just give Roi and Taylore a call - tel.360-748-4426)

Roi and I are giving a 4-day Energy Healing Training weekend-- called Laser Reiki. This is for you if you want to change your life. Many of you have already taken the Laser Reiki Course and cleared some of the mental and emotional blockages. After 4-days you felt much better. You may be aware that you can retake the 4-day workshop anytime for a small fee and continue the clearing process. The class shapes itself to the needs of those present -- in other words, each class is different! As teachers we never get bored in class; its all new every time.

In the Energy Healing Training We not only teach you new and simple ways to remove negative mind programming, but show you how to instantly clear past lives, and remove dogmas that weigh you down.

There are even hidden beliefs that all of your life is filtered through holding you back. Hidden beliefs are just like the junk that accumulates in your computer and slows it down. (Usual removal time for hidden beliefs is 10 minutes.)

Do you feel that you are in a struggle pattern or you feel blocked? Why wait to clear this? -- It won't go away by itself, it will only attract more of the same vibrations.

The subconscious mind (SCM) accounts for 96-98% of your experiences. The conscious mind accounts for only 2% of your life. This is why we all need a real good clean up of the SCM and why affirmations seldom work.

We have the amazing tools of Laser Reiki at the Energy Healing School to help you Clean up the inner dialog of the subconscious mind and start creating the life you desire. We are here to help you be free and feel good again.

We are dedicating 16 years of experience for the Energy Healing Training!

What will it take for you to come to the Reiki Ranch?

Monday, August 2, 2010

Becoming A Reiki Master

Becoming A Reiki Master

Becoming a Reiki Master is a great privilege. If this is your calling, then take time to meditate on your desire to become a Reiki Master. It is a great undertaking and your life will never be the same again.

Reiki is not a religion, it is a spiritual practice in nature that requires respect for the position of being a Reiki Master. It is life changing because it increases the flow of life force energy. This energy will raise the vibrational frequency and heal the sick. Jesus was a good example of an individual who was strong in the Force of Life.

Its most amazing value and importance will reveal itself once it has our gratitude and our greatest admiration for the work it will do in your life.

Those who have been trained and initiated into Reiki I often feel a greater potential for living life in a bigger way. Your connection to Source increases about 20% by just becoming a student of Reiki 1. Many may desire to continue their studies on to the Reiki II and Reiki III – the Master level.

The inner fulfillment of becoming a Reiki Master are many and you don't necessarily have to teach in order for the Reiki Master training to be meaningful.

The many benefits becoming a Reiki Master can be:
  • far-reaching
  • deeply meaningful
  • the ability to heal ourselves and others
  • bringing direction and guidance into our lives
At the Reiki Ranch we value teaching Usui Reiki so much that we've lowered our prices to only $200 to become a Reiki Master. Check the schedule at the http://reikiranch.com

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Zero Point Magical Wand from Singapore

Can you imagine that you have a a magical healing wand in you hand?

Let me share with you... Being a Laser Reiki teacher and healing master I really know how this zero point magical wand works. I have been Reiki energy healer/teacher for 25 years and been a Laser Reiki Master teacher for 16 years. I run zero point healing energy out of my fingertips and can help people instantly release pain. Trust me -- this wand really works! It has the science behind it!
The Amega Wand: It looks like a writing pen. It is stainless steel - solid state technology. The Amega Wand consists of a combination of granulated minerals that was produced through quantum physicists technologies known as AMized® Fusion. It is the result of 20 years of quantum physicists working on it. The wand has been for sale for the last 4 years in Singapore and the Asian countries.

This particular proprietary technological tool (zero point energy healing wand) resonates from what’s referred to as zero point energy. Zero point energy reminds cells inside the entire body of wherever cellular structure originated that they are connected to Source energy -- where no pain exists. The Zero Point technology treats your water, food, garden plants and enhances your own environment in your very own house. You not only treat yourself, but those who are around you.

The Amega zero point wand does not heal! It prepares the body to heal itself. The cells in the body are reminded that they are indeed re-connected to God or Source energy and when treated with the magical wand. The Pain goes away. The cells heals the joint pain. Magic? No!

Just wave it round and round over the spot on the skin where you have your neck pain, shoulder pain, hip pain, knee pain, arthritis, stiff joints and then have the body start remembering that it is connected to Source energy.

This is what Zero Point does -- it causes the cells to re-connect with Universal energy. That connection is what heals the pain -- not the wand!






Anyone can do this. Instead of spending several years learning to flow the zero point energy-- just buy this Amega wand for $304.00 plus shipping. Want to help others? Join our team and make a great living by helping others find the wands, bracelets, and pendents. Join and buy wholesale. This is a hot business opportunity because our phone is ringing off the wall! Join our Amega team and receive personal coaching and hot leads.

Thanks for looking,

Taylore and Roi

tel. 360-748-4426

http://eamega.com/easyhealing << the official Amega website for affiliates - sign up and/or buy zero point products here.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Free Energy Healing Clinic - each month

EVERY MONTH -- This is an On-Going:

FREE Energy Healing Clinic with Reiki on the 2nd Sun of every month at the Reiki Ranch outside Chehalis, WA. It is free. Donations are accepted for Dean West, a single disabled, stay-home dad who is recovering from years of MS. Dean runs the FREE clinic.

Call Dean 1-360-266-0280, for driving instructions. Hours 1-4 pm every month on the 2nd Sunday

Bring your aches and pain and watch how energy healing works. See how higher energy will replace lower energy with peace, love and harmony in every cell of your body. Energy blocks removed.

Student of the Reiki Ranch practice their Reiki and Laser Reiki hands-on-healing skills on anyone who would like to try energy healing. People come from all over Washington and Oregon for this Free Reiki Clinic.

The Reiki Ranch is located in Chehalis, WA

Friday, January 8, 2010

Jim Humble - 4th Edition - Breakthrough - MMS

The long awaited 4th edition of Jim Humble's Breakthrough | the Miracle Mineral Solution of the 21st Century (Part1 and Part 2). The book has been re-written

Quoted from Jim Humble’s website (www.miraclemineral.org): “The answer to Bird Flu, Swine Flu, AIDS, hepatitis A, B and C, malaria, herpes, TB, most cancers and many more of mankind’s worst diseases has been found. Many diseases are now easily controlled. More that 75,000 disease victims have been included in the field tests in Africa. Scientific clinical trials have been conducted in a prison in the country of Malawi, East Africa.

Jim Humble explains:

"Hundreds of times people have come to me," he says, "and more recently to Clara, to get a bottle of MMS. We have had them take a dose, as we have wanted to show them how to mix the drops, and within minutes their pains of 20 years disappear. Do you see? MMS has no nutritional value whatsoever. It is strictly a killer. It kills pathogens and oxidizes heavy metal poisons. It does nothing else. The only explanation as to why people have had the experiences described above is that there was something in their bodies that was killed, as that is all MMS can do. One might say that some heavy metals were oxidized, and in some cases that may be what happened; however, there have been times when the subject was first tested for heavy metals and there were none. It really doesn’t matter, does it? If the people are well, who cares?"

Jim Humble continues, "So far, thousands of people have gotten well. I have come to the conclusion that there are thousands of different kinds of bacteria, viruses, molds, yeasts, parasites, fungi, and other microorganisms that have no name and which are not recognized. In addition, there are many other organisms, necessarily micro in nature, which are pleomorphic, in that they can switch back and forth from one kind of microorganism to another. Medical science has no clue about most of them, but when you kill them (microorganisms), the person becomes well and goes back to work or to his life. We can’t say they were cured, as it upsets almost everyone, including people on our side. Maybe someone can come up with a better way to explain why all these people got well, but for now no one has."

Free download Part 1 of the 4th Edition of Jim Humble's Breakthrough MMS book.

You really need to either buy (Part 1 & 2) of this book in printed copy or ...at lease down load the free Part 1 from the above website above to continue reading.

Buy MMS- (WPD) - miracle mineral, Jim humble's book

Jim Humble go on to say, "Now that I’ve told you the good news, let me tell you the bad news—and I mean really bad news. I wanted to tell you the good news first, as I don’t like to be a doomsayer. But I need to tell you that the situation on Earth is worse than 99.999% of the population understands. I have people call me from all over the world. I have received thousands of emails and have talked to hundreds of people, and you won’t like hearing what I’ve learned. You might even think I’m crazy, but I’ve got to say it as I could not live with myself if I didn’t. I’d really rather not mention it, as there are enough people who think I’m nuts already, but I’ve got to if only to get some people thinking. It’s this: Our leaders are trying to kill us.

"Now, I talk to medical doctors, to clinics, to health professionals, and to sick people every day. I doubt that anyone talks to more medical professionals in the health industries around the world than I do and what I have found is this: There are many new diseases out there. There are dozens, if not hundreds of new diseases, and they are not natural diseases. MMS handles all of the natural diseases, such as flu, TB, pneumonia, diabetes, and malaria in a very short time. The recently created diseases are much harder to handle, as they seem to have a certain ability to hide in the body when antibodies or oxidation chemicals are present. All these new diseases are traceable back to government laboratories. None came from monkeys and our leaders refuse to do anything to stop their proliferation.

"There is no way that I can tell you the whole story in a few paragraphs, but it’s important to note that there is mercury in vaccinations, chemotherapy simply kills people and nothing more, foods are poisoned with Aspartame, modern medicine has killed and is killing more people than all the wars put together, and the America public isn’t as dumb as some people seem to think. More than 55% of the public has quit going to their family medical doctors and are opting for alternative medical techniques. There must be a reason. People don’t just quit going to someone who is helping them to stay well.

"Millions and millions of people are sick from diseases that the government doesn’t even recognize. Morgellons disease is only one of a collection of terrible diseases that millions now have, which the government doesn’t recognize. Lyme disease was not recognized by medicine for a long time and is now only recognized by a few doctors, yet millions in the world have Lyme disease. There are dozens of others. The World Health Organization (WHO) refuses to so seek the opinion of more than one doctor on MMS, even after they were told of 75,000 victims cured of malaria. Their doctor claimed he tested it, but that makes no sense. He was in Switzerland where there is no malaria. In our experiences, people have gotten well in 4 hours, and testing could be done in 1 day. Yet, it took him a year and a half to get around to testing it, and then after 3 days he said it wouldn’t work. Once a doctor understands the chemical formula of MMS, he usually will agree that it has merit. It is so obvious that few doctors even have to test it before agreeing that, at the very least, it should work." Get the book to continue reading...

Free download of Part one of the 4th Edition of the MMS book. http://www.miraclemineral.org/

Want to try MMS?

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