Thursday, February 2, 2017

Reiki Wisdom & Spring - Summer Schedule

Reiki Wisdom & Summer Schedule

Free Reiki Classes are given several times a year in the Northwest.

Some of the attributes of Reiki education are:
  Self improvements
  • You have better self-confidence 
  • Better decisions come more easily 
  • The flow of Reiki gives you harmony and calmness 
  •  Reiki will empower you with inner peace 
  • You find yourself more able to handle anything life throws your way. 
  • Learn how to heal the basic energy blockages that usually are the root cause of disease 
  • Eliminate the stress and strain of present-day life Inner happiness and clarity nothing else can bring 
  • You will feel the satisfaction and joy when you effortlessly heal others 
  • You Can Learn Laying-on-of-Hands Healing

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Learn about the new higher energy that is coming into Earth where your intent becomes manifest!

Reiki classes coming up!