Tuesday, October 9, 2007

MMS - Miracle Mineral Supplement - Chlorine Dioxide ion - CLO2 - Kills Pathogens

Chlorine dioxide ion (CLO2) has been FDA approved to treat water and wash raw poultry, meat and fish while processing. It is said to kill 100% of pathogens in water treatment systems and in processing plants.
This quote is from MMS - Miracle Mineral Supplement, Jim Humble who discovered the hidden properties of "Stabilized Oxygen" and a way to increase its properties 100 fold its ability to kill 98 to 100% of dangerous pathogens in the system.

WATER PURIFIER Also called MMS - The Miracle Mineral Supplement of the 21st Century. Jim Humble, a metallurgist, gold prospector and chemist whose quest to understand why a simple solution of stabilized oxygen – used to make water drinkable while deep in the jungle –sometimes cured malaria. Because most of the gold miners recovered from malaria this lead to the discovery behind stabilized oxygen and why it was working. Humble begin to study and discovered that chlorine dioxide, CLO2, was the oxidizer and not the oxygen in stabilized oxygen. Next, he found a way to make the mineral solution 100 times stronger. ***At the end of this article you'll find a supplier for MMS where you can purchase a year's supply for only $20 plus shipping. That's a great deal!

Quote from Jim Humble's book:

"This MMS - Miracle Mineral Supplement Breakthrough can save your life, or the life of a loved one. Please read...

"The answer to AIDS, hepatitis A,B and C, malaria, herpes, TB, most cancer and many more of mankind's worse diseases has been found. Many diseases are now easily controlled. More that 75,000 disease victims have been included in the field tests in Africa. Scientific clinical trials have been conducted in a prison in the country of Malawi, East Africa.

"Separate tests conducted by the Malawi government produced identical 99% cure results.

Over 60% of the AIDS victims that were treated in Uganda were well in 3 days, with 98% well within one month. More than 90% of the malaria victims were well in 4 to 8 hours. Dozens of other diseases were successfully treated and can be controlled with this new mineral supplement. It also works with colds, flu, pneumonia, sore throats, warts, mouth sores, and even abscessed teeth (it's the only thing that controls and cures abscessed teeth).

"The inventor believes that this information is too important to the world that any one person or any group should have control. The free e-book download on this site gives complete details of this discovery. Please help make sure that it gets to the world free. There are many medical facts that have been suppressed and this invention must not be added to that list. The name of the e-book is The Miracle Mineral Supplement of the 21st Century. Download it now for free and ask your friends to download it. This book tells the story of the discovery, and how to make and use it. This book can save your life. Give it a try.

"Although Part I of the e-book tells everything, there is a second Part that gives more details and covers the data more thoroughly. There is a small charge for the second book to cover the distribution ($9.95). Extra money from these sales will go towards humanitarian efforts in Africa, which will in the long run benefit the world. Remember, e-book Part I is free and it tells you everything you need to know. Click here and download it now free.

"Please read the first book first. It will be much more logical that way. We mentioned Part II only because we didn't want you to be surprised about the charge on the second Part. If you want more data now on the second Part click here. (on the http://www.miraclemineral.org/ site)

"This is an image of a model of a chlorine dioxide ion (CLO2 ). It is the secret to this new mineral. It is the most powerful killer of disease pathogens know to mankind, and that is a known fact. Now, read in Part I about how it has been converted for use in the human body."

...from Jim Humble's eBook

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MMS is only $25 a bottle plus S&H. Usually $7 in the US and $13 for Canada. Other countries shipping is between $17 to $40. Remember you are getting a two year supply.

Roi and I are presently taking this supplement and we have noticed beneficial results after 5 days. The arthritis in Roi's hands is much better, his hands are not hurting, not swollen, and his hands are warmer also. I slept better last night than I have for years.

We need your help in sharing this information with others because the "establishment" is going to lose a lot of money as MMS - Miracle Mineral supplement gets established in the market. They will try to close everyone down saying ...that this mineral supplement is a drug. It might become a controlled substance and they will charge 1000 times its value like they do with cancer drugs.

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