Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Depression Drugs vs No Drugs for neck pain

I agree with those who say: "No drug is usually better than to be drugged. And this is a great place to share what works!" Yes, please share your story!

I have found that energy blockages can cause depression. I've also found energetic demons in people. We heal the demons and remove them. We use angels to help.

I’m an energy healer. I worked with a lady dog handler who had a frozen shoulder and neck. Every time the dog pulled on the leash it hurt her arm, shoulder and neck. She had been operated on but it just caused more trauma and scar tissue in the area. She'd had this neck pain, depression, and condition for five years and it was steadily getting worse. She was to the point she could bear the pain when exhibiting her champion poodles at a show. She suffered depression and so did her husband. They both got on drugs and were going downhill.

She had stress, anxiety, trauma and tension from life stored in her tissue and it caused neck, shoulder and arm pain. We helped her remove those emotions from the physical, mental and psychic levels of existence. She felt immediately better and recover 60% more movement in her arms without any pain! Thank you, God!

Depression to wellness is good! ...and especially good without drugs!

Most drugs have terrible side effects! Be careful. (Drugs have skull and cross bones on the big jars. It is only when they are put in the small pill bottles that they are supposed to good for your body. Think about this!) When you are connected to higher source energy you feel a natural high! A Reiki healing and/or Reiki Attunement gives you a natural high feeling.

Please share what works for you!

Taylore Vance is a writer and energy healer. Find out more information by going to http://www.laserreiki.com/. Articles, information and classes are available at the http://www.reikiranch.com/.

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