Thursday, April 12, 2007

Frozen Shoulder and Neck Pain... Caused by Stress?

City worker with frozen shoulder and neck pain gets relief!

How can an energy healing help Dave’s frozen shoulder and neck pain?

One day Roi and I were giving a free Reiki presentation and energy healings to a group of 30 people in Olympia, WA.

After explaining to the group, "How Reiki could heal pain …and sometimes Instantly heal pain," we asked, "Does anyone in the audience have pain?"
Over half the audience raised their hands. (It was too Many! We needed to narrow it down to a few individuals.)

We then asked the group, "Who in this room is in the worst pain – on a scale of 1 to 10, who is an 8, 9 or 10?"

A fellow who had a medical retirement from city employment because of injuries and neck pain came to the front of the room. This man had a painful frozen shoulder and neck. He had been operated on once, but surgery did not help in any way. He'd had this pain and neck condition for two years.

Dave had the perfect job before he got sick. He was a city employee by night and a national shuffle board player by day; he had the free time to pursue his second profession -- until he got hurt. Now he could no longer work at his night job nor play shuffleboard.

We performed a short Energy Healing before the audience:

Finding the root cause of the problem is first order of business! We discovered that Dave had stress, anxiety and tension from life stored in his painful shoulders and it also caused neck pain. We helped him remove those emotions from the body tissue and he got well in two weeks! He recovered full neck movement and the pain was healed. Thank you, God!

Do you have neck pain? Think about an emotional issue that can get stuck in the body tissue.

The issue may be a blockage. It wants to be released and recognized.

How does the body get our attention? (It causes pain in a certain spot.)

Could your problem have started out with stress?

Let's hear from you!

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Roi Halse
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Anonymous said...

yes - back and neck pains can be caused by stress, but more frequently they are brought on by bad posture which is triggered by things such as spending long periods sat in akward positions or sleeping on an old lumpy mattress . if you think about it, the two activities mentioned here take up a good proportion of your day - typically around 16 hours if you work a 9-5 and get your recommended amount of sleep each night!
Help is at hand because of recent developments in memory foam mattresses. Swapping your conventional mattress for a memory foam or orthapedic one can be a long term remedy for back and neck pain; unlike chiropractic treatments which often require a visit every week to ensure pain and discomfort is kept at bay.

Diana said...

I've had back pain my entire life - was born with it. I have incredible neck/shoulder pain on my left side now, but I think it's from spending hours crocheting. But it won't go away now.

I had a memory foam mattress for a couple of years, and couldn't wait to get rid of it. I could never get comfortable on the darned thing! Now I have a pillow-top on a platform, and it helps my back a lot.

Anonymous said...

There was am older couple who drove a travel trailer from the USA to Alaska. It was a small trailer and the husband built a small bed out of a wooden shelf and a piece of foam. Yes, his wife was a small person and she loved her "bed". She said she had the best nights sleep on that foam than she'd had ever. When she got back home she threw out her old spring mattress.

You know those spring coils a are said to pull out the good energy while you sleep on them. No wonder people are going to foam and pillow beds instead of inner spring mattresses.