Monday, June 11, 2007

Remote Viewing

We use Remote viewing to find the energetic root cause of any disease in the physical body.

Here's a good definition: "Remote Viewing" is the ability to focus your mind to a location distant from your body and see with your mind what is there, even if it is hidden. You can see in "real" time or also look into in the past or in the future. This skill can be enhanced with consistent practice.

At the Reiki Ranch we teach you how to instantly do Remote Viewing to locate energy blockages at the physical level (you go to the past, present or future lives) Also you can look into the: emotional level, mental level, psychological level, genetic level, spiritual level, and other levels to find emotional blockages and negative energy.

Once the cause of the pain is found it can be cleared (bad energy is removed or released) and the area is energized with a high vibrational frequency of energy (god Source energy.) Reiki healing is the most natural and easily learned energy healing method know to man.

We send out a healing beam of Laser Reiki to the Sick person. Laser Reiki is considered ten times more powerful than traditional Usui Reiki or any other energy healing method by the students who learn it.

With Laser Reiki you never have to touch the person, although you can many people need the human touch to get well and feel well-being.

Next, the body is able to heal the neck pain, leg pain, shoulder pain, stomach pain -- etc.

You get the picture?

Energy healing and remote viewing are easily learned!

Remote viewing is a tool that anybody can do. This process is taught in a 4-day weed workshop.

Energy healing also can be easily sent as a long distance healing (remote healing) to others instantly anywhere in the world.

Does this sound simple?

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