Saturday, May 12, 2007

Healing Energy Meditation! "Mother Earth Loves Us!"

We are the children of Mother Earth (Gaia)

When we are grounded -- connected to Earth energy we have sent our energy down into her energy -- which is "nurturing, healing, aligning with all that is natural, organic and pure."

Meditation: Relax, breathe in the golden bright light -- the perfect healing energy of Source. Relax your body completly relax your body. Allow your feet to grow roots deep into Mother Earth as if you are a large oak tree. You are grounding your body. Even if you have shoes on your feet, even if you are in a building this grounding exercise, grounding meditation works. Now send some of your energy down, deep into earth. Ask Earth to ground you, heal your energy, and align your blessed energy with all the great healers who have walked upon earth, align your energy with all the great and famous healing vortexes. This is will ground your energy, heal your body. Next bring your energy back into the body and thank Mother Earth for healing your body and grounding your energy. Feel good again, awaking refreshed, whole, powerful, happy and strong!

This grounding meditation actually works very well!

A few years ago when I was in Austin, Texas, participating in a record setting 42 foot fire walk on hot coals with Tony - Anthony Robbins (turn fear into power). While I was walking on hot coals, I looked "down" after about 35 feet into the fire walk and my feet started to get burned. I guess I should have not "looked down" and gotten out of state?

After the firewalk I connected my energy with mother earth and healed my burning feet with this meditation listed as given above here at our Reiki Healing Blog.

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Unknown said...

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