Thursday, March 4, 2010

Zero Point Magical Wand from Singapore

Can you imagine that you have a a magical healing wand in you hand?

Let me share with you... Being a Laser Reiki teacher and healing master I really know how this zero point magical wand works. I have been Reiki energy healer/teacher for 25 years and been a Laser Reiki Master teacher for 16 years. I run zero point healing energy out of my fingertips and can help people instantly release pain. Trust me -- this wand really works! It has the science behind it!
The Amega Wand: It looks like a writing pen. It is stainless steel - solid state technology. The Amega Wand consists of a combination of granulated minerals that was produced through quantum physicists technologies known as AMized® Fusion. It is the result of 20 years of quantum physicists working on it. The wand has been for sale for the last 4 years in Singapore and the Asian countries.

This particular proprietary technological tool (zero point energy healing wand) resonates from what’s referred to as zero point energy. Zero point energy reminds cells inside the entire body of wherever cellular structure originated that they are connected to Source energy -- where no pain exists. The Zero Point technology treats your water, food, garden plants and enhances your own environment in your very own house. You not only treat yourself, but those who are around you.

The Amega zero point wand does not heal! It prepares the body to heal itself. The cells in the body are reminded that they are indeed re-connected to God or Source energy and when treated with the magical wand. The Pain goes away. The cells heals the joint pain. Magic? No!

Just wave it round and round over the spot on the skin where you have your neck pain, shoulder pain, hip pain, knee pain, arthritis, stiff joints and then have the body start remembering that it is connected to Source energy.

This is what Zero Point does -- it causes the cells to re-connect with Universal energy. That connection is what heals the pain -- not the wand!

Anyone can do this. Instead of spending several years learning to flow the zero point energy-- just buy this Amega wand for $304.00 plus shipping. Want to help others? Join our team and make a great living by helping others find the wands, bracelets, and pendents. Join and buy wholesale. This is a hot business opportunity because our phone is ringing off the wall! Join our Amega team and receive personal coaching and hot leads.

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Taylore and Roi

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