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Buy MMS - USA MMS Supplier - MMS reseller

How do you find the MMS Miracle -- so you can Buy MMS?
There are now several problems for you to find MMS through the old channels of information and also to easily buy MMS. Popular drug companies would like to see the FDA take the MMS off the market. Pharmaceutical companies are all about making money and they cannot make any money on MMS. It might even take a few dollars away from them and the chlorine dioxide is making people more healthy. As you know Pharmaceutical companies are not really about health, but making money for their stock holders. If you disagree -- just leave a comment below.
Some aware seekers and free thinkers are indeed finding MMS -
the once called... Miracle Mineral Supplement.
otential buyers are searching the Internet using words such as: USA MMS supplier, Canada Miracle Mineral MMS reseller, Buy MMS, Buy Miracle MMS, Washington MMS seller, etc. (See our list of MMS sellers below...)
Next problem -- the FDA they decided it was not really a supplement, so Jim Humble decided to change the name from...
Miracle Mineral "Supplement" -- to Miracle Mineral Solution

New Problem: The FDA decided:
-- it Does Not Like the Word -- "Miracle"
In March 2009, Jim Humble sent out an email to the sellers of MMS... saying that to be safe from the FDA all the sellers of MMS should remove the name "Miracle" from... MMS
-------- "Miracle" Mineral Solution -------
Confusing? Yes!

March 2009 Jim Humble announced:
The new name for MMS was to be
--- Water Purification Drops ---

Don't be surprised if you find on some websites that the MMS is now called Water Purification Drops or WPD. (Although Jim Humble himself is still using the old wording -- miracle mineral solution and MMS on his new web sites. click it or type in:

The 28% sodium chlorite (MMS) when activated by a food acid becomes chlorine dioxide -- this has been on the market for almost 80 years as a water purifier. So, Jim Humble thought that would be a safe name for the MMS. Chlorine dioxide kills all pathogens in drinking water. Clo2 also kills all pathogens in the water inside your body -- that is why people are finding MMS and drinking it down. Chlorine dioxide takes care of bugs, germs, heavy metals, viruses, MERSA, Swine flu, mercury,etc., by oxidizing the positive ions at the atomic level. Some people feel the" die off" of these anti-life agents.

To cut this search short --
Buy MMS here!

Here are additional search terms you might try in Google, Yahoo, and so on...
buy MMS from USA, Canada MMS, Alabama MMS, Alaska MMS, Arizona MMS, Arkansas MMS, California MMS, Colorado MMS, Connecticut MMS, Delaware MMS, District of Columbia MMS, Florida MMS, Georgia MMS, Hawaii MMS, Idaho MMS, Illinois MMS, Indiana MMS, Iowa MMS, Kansas MMS, Kentucky MMS, Louisiana MMS, Maine MMS, Maryland MMS, Massachusetts MMS, Michigan MMS, Minnesota MMS, Mississippi MMS, Missouri MMS, Montana MMS, Nebraska MMS, Nevada MMS, New Hampshire MMS, New Jersey MMS, New Mexico MMS, New York MMS, North Carolina MMS, North Dakota MMS, Ohio MMS, Oklahoma MMS, Oregon MMS, Pennsylvania MMS, Rhode Island MMS, South Carolina MMS, South Dakota MMS, Tennessee MMS, Texas MMS, Utah MMS, Vermont MMS, Virginia MMS, Washington MMS, West Virginia MMS, Wisconsin MMS, Wyoming MMS, USA MMS,

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MMS II - MMS 2 -- MMS Capsules - Miracle Mineral Capsules

The information for this article was taken directly from Jim Humble's website of MMS Informatiom go there to read the complete story.

Take MMS In Capsule Form - Some people don't like the taste -- now we have No More Taste Complaints.

The empty capsules go by sizes called "SIZE ZERO" and "SIZE ONE." Jim Humble likes this option so much that "MMS-In-Capsule-Form" is what he uses most of the time. You can buy empty capsules at most drug store or health food store. Since the liquid you place into the capsule may dissolve the capsule, you need to take the cap as soon as it is filled. That way it will sisolve in your stomach.

You cannot buy these capsules prepared. You do-it-your-self deal. You buy your MMS, You active the MMS, and you place the MMS in a capsule with a dropper!

Jim Humble says: IN A SEPARATE clean dry CUP, pre-mix a 3 or 4 drop dose with unfiltered vinegar or citric acid, or lemon juice (use the normal 1 to 5 ratio), wait 3 minutes, then use an eye-dropper to place the mix in the capsule and cap it. Take the capsule immediately with water using at least one half cup to a full cup of water. Avoid juices - no taste-masking is needed.
A few people do not complain about the taste of Chlorine dioxide, but if you are like hundreds of people I know -- the MMS taste is a handicap for you, then you better hope you never have to take chemo or sickening doses of strong antibiotic pills. On the other hand, I do hear from people who are VERY sensitive to the MMS odor and taste. They sometimes diminish their doses and never achieve full benefit.

MMS2 -Introducing Jim Humble's MMS2 --hypochlorous acid. It comes from swimming pool chlorine. BUT Jim Humble says: "it is really not chlorine. It's a special agent that is used to "shock" the pool, called CALCIUM HYPOCHLORITE."

Note from Taylore: Personally,I really don't know if this is a good idea! I went to the local swimming pool supply house and bought a pound of Calcium Hypochlorite. I put it in a "0" capsule last week -- like Jim Humble's website talk about. It is still on my counter top in its little capsule-- been there a week. I'm an energy healer and my body will not take this capsule! No, Way! My body does not think this is this good for me! Use common sense...

I suggest you take it easy on your road to recovery, and learn from someone already doing this. I like putting the liquid Water Purification Drops of as Jim Humble calls it "MMS1" in 00 veggie capsules -- already activated with citric acid for 3 to 5 minutes and taking them. My Lyme disease is gone! Getting well is a process. Check out the phyto green added to your raw food diet, quit drinking sodas and eating sugar. Keep your body alkaline. Do energy healings. Become Reiki! Take probiotics to re-establish healthy flora in your digestive system. this is a good source of information from Jim Humble and his experiments that are healing swine flu in a few hours, and taking care of the dangerous side effects of the swine flu shot.

New MMS Protocol of 1:1 and the MMS activated in 20 seconds.
You can take 1 to 3 drops every hour
of the day or about 10 times.

ARE YOU AWARE that the MMS dosage protocols have changed - for the better. You may not have to ramp up to the 15 drop level to achieve a full "clean out! You can take the New Protocol of 1:1 from Jim Humble where the citric acid is 50/50%... click here!

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Stress: End of Summer Stress -- 2009

End of Summer Stress

Part One (See Part Two below)

The news media is pumping stress and fear these days: The economy, swine flu, jobs, medical care for all vs. no medical help, mandatory shots, more layoffs, closures, etc.

Now it is the end of summer and some call it the end of play – back to school, to the daily grind, or off to find a job where hundreds are looking for that same job.

Dealing with fear and stress is not easy for anyone. According to some research released by Lifeline Australia stress is costing Australian taxpayers $300,000 per day.

You may not know that you are stressed. One sign of having a bad case of stress is that you are unable to take a deep breath or that you find it difficult to yawn and relax.

Other signs of stress are: not able to have mental / intellectual relaxation, thinking thoughts that are generally negative, confusion, mental lethargy, withdrawn and seldom reading a book or journal for fun or work, making negative statements about yourself or others, and lacking creativity and new ideas.

Nevertheless, you cannot allow fear or stress to be in command of your life. Otherwise, you will end up with health issues and battered feelings. You deal with stress differently from your neighbor. Very few know how to get relief; others don’t know what’s wrong or how to work it out. You can always get an energy healer to help. Stress can be measure and released using energy healing techniques.

Your friends and /or family members could be experiencing financial stress. It is not good that they’re stressed out and hopefully it won’t last for long. Relationships and marriages suffer during these times. Stress leads to depression, and fear of moving forward sets in. It seems like they don’t know how to get out of being stressed or they don’t know what is wrong. They only notice that life has become difficult. Everything and everyone bugs them for no reason.

Some personality types use Stress as a powerful motivator to solve their problems such as a perfectionist. She might excel in her job when experiencing stress.

Identify your stress triggers! What causes you stress? Avoid these situations and these people. Once they are detached, or at least minimized, you’ll be amazed by how much better you feel!

I’ve helped many people by getting them to stay in the present moment. To be stressed we have to be thinking of some terrible thing which happened in the past and trying to figure it out or worrying about something that might happen in the future. When you are in the NOW, you are happy. (It is hard to stay in the NOW.)

Try using a few of these simple strategies to help you manage and relieve your stress. If you look at it from a positive standpoint, you will be able to deal with it with grace and keep moving. If not, you will continue to allow the stress gremlins to tear apart your life.

Here is Part two-- read or download

Part Two

1. Break the habit of eating fast foods and start learning what it means to eat more healthy.

2. Choose to live a healthy lifestyle by eating organic fresh and raw vegetables, fruit
, nuts and seeds

3. Also, make sure to incorporate regular exercise into your daily schedule.

4. Get 8 hours of sleep every night. These four things should be a priority, if nothing else.

Avoid negative people. When destructiveness is present around you, move away from it. If you are in a toxic relationship which has been stuck there for a while, it’s time to let go and move on. Poisonous relationships are not healthy for anyone. They can bring more stress on you than you can imagine. You can’t allow people to bring you down to their level. Learn to say “next”.

When you feel yourself getting stressed, take 8 minutes and do something just for you. Some people take up meditation or a relaxation method that works for them. You might take time to walk barefoot in the grass or on a sandy beach. Being grounded is very relaxing. Try reading a book, taking a bath with magnesium salt crystals, going for a walk, baking brownies, writing in a journal, meditation, or something even better.

There is no job security. When you work for others you are putting your life in their hands and often they are all about money – not people. We all now work in an insecure working environment. A secure job for life has been replaced by the realism of the times.

You may have to work at becoming stress-free by alternative health means and Laser Reiki energy work. Just traditional -- 4000 year old -- Reiki is well known for releasing stress.Take a Reiki course.

Moving beyond stress probably won’t happen overnight.

You cannot allow fear and stress to choke you to the point that you can’t think straight. Stay away from stress building daily news (it is really not news.)You will need to prioritize what’s important in your life and stick with keeping those things in order. Focus on your list and keep your energy up by saying power words.

There’s too much of life to see for you to be weighed down with past issues or worried about the future. These patterns of thinking cause you to be stressed and frustrated. Keep yourself sound and happy by learning how to properly deal with stress.

Say: Happy, happy, happy!

Taylore Vance is an energy healer, a Reiki Master, founder of Laser Reiki and the Reiki Ranch along with her lifetime partner, Roi Halse. They are available for free stress assessments using muscle testing to find out if there are any emotional or mental blockages.

PS: Don't spend the rest of your life working for others. For a proven successful home business, 4 year old company, unique product, new healthful technology, mentoring one on one by masters -- just request a complete and simple explanation of how this works and a DVD will be sent to you by mail. 360-748-4426

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Energy Healing Classes for Business Finances

Can you heal your business finances?

Healing simply means to make well or to restore to health. So, maybe your business finances need a clearing? Could your business have energy blockages? Could your earnings reach a limit -- a barrier that the energy won't let you pass? Are your business earnings less than you desire?

Home based business owners take notice:

Financial Alternative Healing would then refer to a different way of healing. Healing can be applied to many things- living and non-living, concrete and abstract. Some practitioners say that living beings such as humans, animals, birds who are sick need to be healed, these are the concrete living things I refer to; but in addition to that one also speaks of healing situations, relationships, friendships, minds, hearts, souls, finances, your business partners, yourself, the business finances, and many other such issues- these are the non-living, abstract things in our lives.

Have your earnings reached a financial peek that you cannot pass? A financial healing is in order...

Want a recession proof home business? Email us at taylorevance(at) about one... visit our sister website! We offer Laser Reiki classes for healing your business as well as your body.

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Energy Healing Class at Reiki School

Why learn energy healing? Check out the Laser Reiki Energy Healing Classes

Even though there have been thousands of reports of "so-called" miracle healings down thorough the ages, modern medicine considers it a fluke, a fake or that it wasn't really a healing but a misdiagnosis in the first place.

Reiki energy healing, or as some call it cosmic energy healing is a natural ability that can be brought out with as little as four days of school. Laser Reiki 1-4 is such a workshop where the students get a really good energy healing as well as learn the methods. There is a manual, power point presentation where the student fills in the blank words, and plenty of practical application to cosmic energy healing with Laser Reiki.

You give and receive multi energy healings during the Laser Reiki 4-day workshop weekend and you can see the changes in each student as the heavy and dark energies are released. It is the most extraordinary 4 days of your life!

Taylore and Roi have been doing some amazing energy healings since 1985 when they first ran across Reiki Ryoho. Reiki Ryoho is a Usui Reiki spiritual discipline and energy science.They discovered many new ways to use the process by 1990, and in 1994, they formally started teaching others to use and flow this natural zero-point energy. Their method is called Laser Reiki because the energy flows out their fingertips like a laser beam. "It's awesome!" reports Elisa, one of their students.

You need no external tools or devices to flow Laser Reiki healing energy -- just the attunement and 4-days of the energy healing school, at Chehalis, WA .

It used to be thought certain people were special or gifted with the ability to transfer the healing energy. This couple has a long track record of proving everyone is hard-wired to use this source of energy to heal. The ability can be awakened in anyone just by introducing some energetic symbols (software) into the subconscious mind. The human mind is uniquely designed to use the zero-point energy any way it chooses -- whether it's a healer flowing it directly out of the hands or someone inventing a device to change the world.

Their Laser Reiki energy healing school classes will cover a little background on their discovery of this simple but profound energy healing method. They will show you how anyone can do it and cover a few of the simple techniques that you can learn to do yourself without any other training. After all -- according to quantum physics -- this life is a holographic game. You might as well learn the rules and enjoy the trip.

Taylore and Roi realize talk is cheap, so if you have long standing pain of any kind (physical, mental, or emotional) make a little time for them when you attend a Body, Mind and spirit Expo as they are able to find the root cause of any pain and can tell in advance what percentage of the pain can be removed from any person. It only takes a few minutes to make a noticeable difference by removing and transmuting the negative energy causing the pain, stress, sickness and even emotional issues.

For Reiki clases at the Reiki Ranch school just visit the

One of many healing examples on file:

  • Dave came to one of Taylore and Roi's Introductory talks they gave in Tacoma, WA, where the talk was followed by a healing demonstration of their instant pain release method. They asked for a show of hands of those in the audience that were in pain. More than half raised their hands. They chose an older man and as he got up and walked to the front of the room, it was clearly evident that his head was leaning over to one side of his body by 20%. He had a frozen neck for two years, he'd been operated on twice with no luck (they wanted another try), he had a medical retirement from the city, and he was in constant pain. They wondered if they could do any good for him in the next few minutes. They checked with his subconscious mind through muscle testing – asking the questions, "Can we do any good for Dave's body in the next 5 minutes? Will it make a noticeable change in the position of the head? What percent of the pain can be transmuted?" The answers were: yes, yes and about 60% change.
  • They started an energy healing to release the emotional root cause of the neck condition and the head became more erect on the body, the pain reduced about 60% and Dave was optimistic for the first time in two years. He had a complete recovery after attending one of their weekend workshops and is still pain free today 8 years after the treatments.
August 6, 7, 8, 9, is the Next energy healing class is the Laser Reiki Level 1-4. The Laser Reiki Workshop is 4-days and participants are welcome to stay at the Reiki Ranch, Chehalis, WA. in dormitory style bunking.

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What is MMS?

What is MMS?

If this is the first time you've heard of Water Purification Drops then you haven't been camping or traveling lately. WPD have been on the market for over 50 years. Some still call it: Miracle Mineral Solution-- here's a very brief explanation. It's a 28% solution of Sodium Chlorite which when activated using Citric Acid becomes a consumable substance that is believed by many people to be an effective treatment for disease. It becomes the powerful chlorine dioxide -- killer of pathogens, fungus, bacteria, Ecoli, Flu virus, etc.

Follow this MMS link( for more detailed free information from Jim Humble, the man who discovered and refined it's use.

What is MMS good for?
Is MMS an effective treatment for Disease? If so, which diseases and how?These questions and many more, are answered in Jim Humble's MMS and Health book.

MMS has been used in the past, and continues to be tried and tested by individuals today as a treatment for disease, Lyme disease, Dengue fever, Hepatitis being some of them.

Water purification = chlorine dioxide and it is approved by the FDA for food processing and water purification. Although WPD or as it used to be called: MMS- Miracle Mineral Solution Is not a medicine, it is a truth to say that it has been used as a hepatitis treatment by some people. Jim Humble has spent years researching water purification solutions for treatments for the malaria disease and has written this health book, articles and journals on a variety of diseases, including Hepatitis Treatment and Lyme Disease.

To buy MMS or to buy WPD (as they want us to call it) go to:

NEW!!! 4th Edition as of 2010 - Book by Jim Humble

Breakthrough: The Miracle Mineral Supplement of the 21st Century

Jim Humble writes like he talks, in a clear and in a relaxed conversational tone as he describes his MMS story from the start. A collectors choice, paper back copy 3rd edition with updated sections and a great index brings the research up to the present. Sub titled, "The Miracle Mineral supplement of the 21st Century". Having sold out of all previous editions without reprint, this edition seems set to go the same way. People are liking this book because it puts the power back into your hands to heal your body of disease. Since Jim does not sell an MMS product, he can talk about its positive attributes. We do not sell any products on this website either. We just provide useful information.

MMS is now called water purification drops (WPD) because it has been called that for about 80 years. The FDA does not like the solution called a miracle. It is a miracle because it does not hurt health cells. It is only attracted to the microorganisms, heavy metals and other anti-life substances in the body.

Friday, May 8, 2009

200,000 Yr. Old Statue of An Angel Found on Moon

200,000 Year Old Statue Found On Moon
May 5, 2009

Re posted from WASHINGTON, DC - A noted scientist has just produced proof that the lunar surface was inhabited by intelligent life: a 10-inch angel sculpture embedded in a moon rock.

200,000 Year Old Statue Found On Moon
Geologist Dr. Morris Charles revealed last week that NASA lab workers chipped the angel from one of the rocks brought to Earth by Apollo 11 astronauts 40 years ago, in 1969. Dr. Charles was a NASA scientist himself for 23 years but left the agency in 1987. He still maintains close ties to many of his former colleagues.

“The implications of this figurine are absolutely mind-boggling,” Dr. Charles told reporters. “It means that at one time the moon had an atmosphere conducive to life. And what’s more, it was once home to a sophisticated race of people with a highly refined sense of beauty.”

The angel - a humanoid female with wing-like appendages on her back and long flowing hair - is made of an iron compound found exclusively in the highlands of the moon.

This rules out the possibility that it was dropped by a race of aliens from another planet. It’s been hand polished to a silvery metallic sheen. Based on chemical analysis of the metal, geologists estimate the sculpture to be 200,000 years old which means it was made 170,000 years before the human species appeared on Earth.

It’s been examined by art experts who concur with Dr. Charles’ appraisal of the culture that produced it. “Clearly these beings had a sense of religion that parallels our Christianity. Perhaps they had a Jesus of their own, proving that the important spiritual principles are, in a very literal sense, universal,” said a Washington anthropologist.

Others are not so sure of its religious significance. Dr. Miles Fredericks of New York University countered, “This is just more Christian propaganda. The Sumerians told stories of the Annunaki, winged deities, as far back as 18th century BC. Maybe the Sumerians were visited by these moon beings, who merely modeled the statue after their own image.”

While many ponder the significance of the figure, others are curious about why it has remained a secret for so long. “The artifact has been common knowledge among NASA insiders for years,” said Dr. Charles. “But space agency higher-ups have kept the information highly classified, fearing world-wide panic. It was smuggled out to me by persons who must, for obvious reasons, remain anonymous.”

NASA officially denies Dr. Charles’ allegations. The statue was displayed to photographers and newsmen but is now being held for further study at an undisclosed location.

Astronauts of Antiquity - Zecharia Sitchin has already shown in The Twelfth Planet that the statues of gods and goddesses from Sumer present special helmets with protuberances on both sides (the Middle Ages’s illiteracy turned them into”devil horns”), which perfectly look like the pilots’ headphones; the statues were provided with the SHU.GAR.RA - a term that literally means”that which makes you go far into the Universe”.

Another image discovered in North Israel, dating back to the ninth millennium B.C., represents the sculpted head of a god with a helmet and safety glasses. Also a picture of the goddess Ishtar from her temple in Sumer…
All this suggests to us that the attire …was that of an aeronaut or an astronaut”…

Sumer Discoveries in caves, Diggings, tablets, etc.

Many drawings on the Sumerian plates show the gods with wings, which were not belonging to the body, but they were accessories of the flight suit, therfore the gods looked like eagles…
This drawing on a Sumerian plate suggests that an Anunnaki / Elohim spaceship is connected to the base on Earth.”The central object … it is more mechanical, more manufactured than natural.Its (( wings )) looks almost exactly like the solar panels which American spacecraft are provided to convert the Sun’s energy to electricity. The two antennas cannot be mistaken. The circular craft … is located between Mars (the six - pointed star) and Earth and its Moon”(Z. Sitchin, The Twelfth Planet)…

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Swine Flu Is Not Scary

Swine Flu Is Not Scary -- if you know about MMS (now called Water Purification Drops.)

The news media is having a field day scaring people with swine flu a cross between flu and bird flu.

NEW DELHI: Even as the World Health Organisation on Tuesday acknowledged that the H1N1 swine flu virus can no longer be contained as it had Swine flu
A South Korean quarantine officer (L) checks the body temperature of a passenger arriving from China against the possible infection of flu. India kicked off a massive containment exercise, screening all international passengers coming from US, Canada and Mexico for influenza symptoms.

I would be glad to share what's happening to MMS...

This new oval MMS green bottle is Jim Humble's original formula and is the professional grade. The distributors are experimenting with different labels because the FDA is cracking down and trying to take the MMS off the market. One thing that has been suggested by Jim is to call it: WPD - Water purification Drops -- instead of Miracle Mineral Supplement -- like the old label stated. It is a miracle, but we are not allowed to say that now. Only pharmaceutical drugs are being called: miracles!

The 4 oz. oval green bottle contains the same, original 28% sodium chlorite ingredient as recommended by Jim, it has AT LEAST 5 OZ of WPD. And the shape of the bottle has been changed to oval because of shipping. The oval ships much better, cost less to ship, and there is less chance of damage by the mail or shipping.

Amazon has been wacked also -- they were told to stop selling the Jim Humble Book and the MMS as a package deal (product + book) because the book is full of testimonials. If testimonials are sold with a product -- it could be considered a drug and must have a prescription.

We're trying our best to keep the MMS on the market under any name... WPD or what ever. It is getting down to people sharing it with people.

With this Swine flu scare you could tell your friends and family about the miracle mineral. We'd be glad to personally work with your friends and family by supplying products. The how-to-use it is becoming a problem, also. You might try for: "How to use it!" They can say all that is good for and have testimonials because they do not sell anything on their site.

We personally don't sell anything on this site. There are lots of other sites that sell the MMS or as now called Water Purification Drops

Monday, April 13, 2009

Economic Financial Hardships - Reiki Helps!

Your outer world is actually created by your inner world: We so often feel secure in our lives when we think the outer situations make us feel secure, but that security is an illusion, as many of you have come to find out.

Without that internal connection to Source energy -- all is an illusion: We feel comforted by our our home, our family, our job, our bank account. That is a very shallow foundation of security and it won't stand up in hard times.

What happens when an economic hardship hits your local economy? The job or money starts shifting or disappears altogether. The outer props of life cannot give you a true and unshakable foundation.

Reiki gives you a true connection to an unshakable foundation of security no matter what is happening in the stock market or job markets. Can you be open to a new foundation that you can lean on even in times of great transition and financial hardships? Those who are Reiki are the most secure people around. Try Reiki! You will be happy and worry free when chaos is happening all around you!

More information at the Reiki Ranch, Chehalis, WA

Monday, March 30, 2009

MMS-Miracle Mineral Is Now: Water Purification

Miracle Mineral or "MMS" as Jim Humble coined the familiar name that described this liquid product's ability to create miracles in the lives of sick people is under fire from the FDA.

WILL FDA RAID MMS SUPPLEMENT SUPPLIERS? Yes, if they keep giving out MMS testimonials, telling people how to use the MMS drops, selling the book along with selling the MMS - miracle mineral product. It is now a "no-no" to sell the MMS (WPD) and give testimonials or sell the book which is full of testimonials.

Suppliers of MMS miracle mineral need to wise up and quite giving testimonials. We do not sell the product on this site! No, we do not sell any products of any kind on this website!

Many miracle mineral distributers have been advised by Jim Humble to take his name off the sites selling the priduct, as well as his books.

Buy MMS - Miracle Mineral Supplement from these fine sites who donate to humantarian projects all around the world in the fight against Malarias, Dengue Fever, yellow fever. etc.!

MMS has an 80 year old history for purification of water. Jim Humble's suppliers are now calling the MMS -- Water purification drops!

All over the world-- sodium chlorite (the formula is NaClO2) has been used to generate chlorine dioxide probably more often than any other method.

For the formula for chlorine dioxide we merely remove the Na which is sodium, and we have chlorine dioxide, ClO2.

Search the Internet -- There are probably ten methods of using sodium chlorite to generate chlorine dioxide.

The FDA approves several methods of just adding swimming pool acid to a watery solution of sodium chlorite for the purpose of making chlorine dioxide which is used to sterilize chicken or beef before it is sold to the public. The FDA specifies that it be rinsed off of the chicken or beef before sale. The acid generates the chlorine dioxide from the sodium chlorite.

For camping and hiking stores in the U.S. one can also find sodium chlorite in a tablet or watery form known as Stabilized Oxygen. In almost all cases Stabilized Oxygen is manufactured by simply adding 3.5% sodium chlorite by weight to distilled water, that's 35,000 ppm. You can do it in your kitchen. Just don't use any metal pots and pans, not even stainless steel. Use only plastic or glass or Corning Ware.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Does it Need Reiki or Cosmic Energy Healing...

Why do we need energy healing or Cosmic Energy healing in the world?

Yes, but what would it be?
What is the most common or well know modality of energy healing?

Reiki comes to mind as the most well known in the world. The term Reiki, is used in Japan and across the globe, referring to its philosophy and how it connects one to the Universal source. Reiki is a beam of Universal energy that raises the vibrational frequency.

The knowledge of the Universal source and all its cultural slants, could perhaps be compared to a river. A river begins its journey from rain, a pure and clean water source high in the mountains. The clear clean water at high altitudes is the beginning of the river where the stream flows over rocks and stones not muddy flat land. As the river water comes down into the sandy flat lands, more rain and floods join it. The river water becomes muddy. As this river flows by cities, sewers and contamination flows into the river before it reaches the ocean.

The pristine nature of the water has changed. Do you drink from the Source or do you drink from a contaminated slowly flowing river that has collected mud, pollutants and microbes?

With Reiki you are drinking from Source? Right?

Learn how to keep your life and ideals clean and not polluted from others garbage, plastic and metal trash? Can you be healthy if you are infused with low muddy energy? Reiki is one way to clean up your inner life.

Become personally connected to the Source energy where the waters of life flow clean and pure.

By becoming Reiki, the real journey begins. In Laser Reiki you will be given the tools to clean up “your muddy water” in a very short period of time.

As a Laser Reiki Master, you will clean out stored dark energy, negative energy, stuck and destructive emotions, anxiety, tension and stress. Laser Reiki is much quicker in clearing out the trash. Reiki at any level gives you a better connection with Source Energy or Universal Knowledge. It will change your life.

In other words, with your new connection to Universal Learning you are accessing the clean pure knowledge from very high up on the vibrational frequency scale – like the waters from a pure mountain stream. Now, you can easily distinguish between correct and false information, what’s right and what’s wrong with your life.

Why drink from the muddy river when you can have pure water? Hummm? Let me guess your answer?

You don't have to live with polluted false knowledge when you can connect to Universal learning and Source energy?

As more people find out about Reiki/Universal Energy it will have a snowball effect and cleanse the false perceptions of civilization, lost minds, lost hopes and general depression /sadness affecting the economy. Lack of money causes stress and stress causes more disconnection to Source energy. (Money is useful to buy things we want.) It’s all an orchestrated illusion – we are living in a sea of energy and abundance of everything.

Reiki is just another word for your connection to Source energy. Source energy brings peace, harmony, love, joy, abundance and a desire to heal each other.

Reiki is happiness. Wouldn’t the world be a better place if the people were vibrating with higher thoughts, radiating helpfulness, peace and harmony? Of course.

Those that need the most help and love happen to be the bankers, industrialists and politicians who are blocked from the light and are willing to destroy the beautiful and plentiful life on Earth – to gain a small material/physical advantage. The ones who are behaving badly are that way because their little spark of internal light is almost covered by materialism and greed.

They need a Reiki treatment! They need the light or they would not behave so negative to love and light.

Let's send them love and light!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Reiki Healing: Is it Mystic or just a Mechanical Process?

Reiki is Energy

Reiki is a process of applying Universal higher frequency energy to the physical body or energy body. The Universal energy (not my energy) is whole, pure and of the highest frequency.

Reiki energy healing will displace sickness and bad health over time and sometimes it happens instantaneously. Sickness is blocked energy and low energy. When you apply the Universal or Source energy to a sick person the energy moves. Higher frequency energy replaces the lower energy.

So, you might call it mystic because the energy is coming from the unseen. The process becomes somewhat mystical. Actually Reiki is a method where the practitioner is attuned to flow the God Force energy.

The Reiki student does not use any of their own energy. If you feel that your Reiki friend is using their own energy , they are not really doing Reiki.

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