Thursday, November 6, 2014

Arthritis, sore thumb and wrist pain - Stop the fain for $25!

Many have the hand and wrist conditions of arthritis. It might be also called Carpel Tunnel pain, too. Pain that is in my joints where the bones meet and it is sometimes accompanied by inflammation and soreness.  Do you have trouble holding something as small as a paperback book? Well, I did!

There's lots of information on the Internet about exercises for sore joints, but if you have a sore thumb or sore wrist you don't really want more pain that might be caused by exercise. You might rub your achy left thumb base with your right hand to see if it alleviates the soreness? Right?

I had a good idea on how to kill the root cause of the pain.  What if some little bacteria had set up a colony in the base of my thumb? Have you studied some about natural medicine for joints and alternative remedies for pain, if not how will you know where to go for relief. If you hire a doctor you must know a little bit about the job you are hiring the doctor to do. You must know something about your problem so you will know if he or she is giving you the right advice. People do not need more drugs, they are not a quart low on corporate pharmaceuticals!

Lyme Disease Spirochete - moves both forward and backward like a snake!
Antibiotics will not kill this germ.
Because I had this base of the thumb pain I wondered if these bacterial parasites called Lyme disease (Spirochetes) were boring into my tissue, boring into my thumb and wrist joints? It was a very painful 24/7.  I researched Lyme spirochetes for months!  My husband even wrote a Kindle booklet on his recovery from Lyme disease. (the link is below)

The Lyme story is -- after World War 2 the US government secured several German scientists in a program called "Operation Paperclip."   They were working on various bacterial germs and disease warfare projects.  One of the Nazi scientists was already working on a bio-weapon with syphilis bacteria.  After a few years, this bacteria got away from the experimental lab into the American public and was then called Lyme Disease because it was first discovered in Lyme, CT.  Plum Island is where the government bio laboratory is located north of Boston.  Many local civilians worked at Plum Island and lived on the mainland. The little Lyme Disease germs must have gotten out of containment into the civilian population. When discovered it was not called - "the weaponized syphilis germ" which sounds scary.

What is Lyme disease?
 The Government's warfare spirochete of syphilis was now engineered at Plum Island to be carried by all biting insects, especially ticks!  The US Gov. has given us a germ warfare weapon and it is not even recognized by CDC as the highly contagious disease that it is.

How is Lyme disease contagious?
Your dog might get a tick or mosquito bite with the spirochete bacteria and incubate this parasite for some months. The dog might have symptoms of aging and exhibit painful legs, or it might not. Still, syphilis bacteria are carried in all body fluids and if the dog licks you or your children everybody may be infested with this very mobile bacteria! It can also be spread by kissing, eating together, sneezing, and sex.

Lyme disease being under-reported by the CDC because its symptoms are also the very same symptoms as over 300 other diseases. The reason for so many symptoms is that Lyme disease germ may affect different people in different places of the body depending on the weakness their body may have. Even members of the same family may seem to have completely different diseases and symptoms while they all have the same spirochete bacteria.  There are horror stories on the forums about this terrible disease causing depression, mental brain fog, pain 24/7, etc.,  to the 300,000 new cases a year. Maybe 80% of the persons in the US have some of these 5 types of bacteria, but are not feeling much pain, yet!

Check out the Kindle ebook at Amazon below. You can read it on any Mac or PC without owning a Kindle for only $2.99. Don't have a Kindle? No problem. Amazon offers a tiny free download to allow you to read their Kindle books on any computer like reading a pdf.

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What will help this joint pain problem? This simple video is about people who have used this solution:

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How I stopped the thumb/wrist joint pain.
I found a natural substance that I now take to kill the root cause of my joint pain. MMS (water Purifier) kills the invading bacteria,  purifies water and also purifies/detoxes inside a person's body, too. This natural mineral supplement has been around for over 80 years for killing bacteria, viruses, mold, and fungus. Hikers, campers and explorers have to take a weaker solution of chlorine dioxide tablets for killing bacteria in their drinking water while out in the outback, interior and jungles. Jim Humble found that he could formulate the WP - make it stronger -  for killing the Malaria bug in just 24 to 48 hours. It also works great on Lyme disease and all joint pain!

You can try a year's supply of WP for only $25 here --

Thanks for visiting our blog. I hope you try this inexpensive remedy and your pain goes away for good! Over 10 million people have tried it and most have had great success. There is a corporate campaign to discredit the MMS saying it is a bleach and you should not take it! Let your heart be your guide. It is a water purifier!
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