Monday, February 9, 2009

Reiki Healing: Is it Mystic or just a Mechanical Process?

Reiki is Energy

Reiki is a process of applying Universal higher frequency energy to the physical body or energy body. The Universal energy (not my energy) is whole, pure and of the highest frequency.

Reiki energy healing will displace sickness and bad health over time and sometimes it happens instantaneously. Sickness is blocked energy and low energy. When you apply the Universal or Source energy to a sick person the energy moves. Higher frequency energy replaces the lower energy.

So, you might call it mystic because the energy is coming from the unseen. The process becomes somewhat mystical. Actually Reiki is a method where the practitioner is attuned to flow the God Force energy.

The Reiki student does not use any of their own energy. If you feel that your Reiki friend is using their own energy , they are not really doing Reiki.

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