Thursday, December 1, 2011

How to overcome negative self-talk

How did we get from living in the woods to where we are now?

What was the magic formula that allowed us to go from zero income to running a $500,000 Reiki energy healing school? How did we do this without a job, any credit or even a bank account? In a nutshell, we discovered how to align our energy with our “life manager” in such a way that obstacles to our prosperity simply disappeared. Our life managers lined up with other people’s life managers, energy and money to support our dreams and manifest the life we desired. Can you also use these tools to manifest the life you desire? Yes, the tools are built within you!

The year was 1980 and the international bankers decreed the Panama Canal Zone was to Be given back to the Republic of Panama. I was a civilian working for the Army at Ft. Clayton in Panama, and my wonderful job ended with the loss of the canal. I became unemployed and moved to the States. Depressed, I couldn’t find a job I liked with the government.

My husband Roi and I decided to find a way to earn a living at home. We tried almost every work-at-home business we saw. We tried mail order, MLM, network marketing, chain letters and direct sales and worked most of the make-money-quick offers we received in the mail.

We worked long, hard hours, but nothing seemed to bear the fruit that was promised. We lost a lot of our money printing and mailing flyers. (We're embarrassed to tell you exactly how much.)

I bet you know what I mean. Testing home businesses can be expensive. This constant dollar drain went on for nearly 10 years until we were completely broke and felt thoroughly stupid. We were so broke that we had to live in the woods in an old RV, but that story comes later. If anyone knows about bouncing back, we do! Although we didn't see it then, we were blessed by our losses. We were forced to turn to our inner means of attracting wealth.

Because of our financial losses, frustrations and feelings of failure and hopelessness, we were forced to rely on the hidden part of our minds to pull ourselves out of the deep financial and emotional dead end.

When there was no other way to go—when all external doors had slammed closed—it became obvious that we needed to look within and listen to our intuition for help from a higher source. We were given insight and a specific success formula that included learning Reiki, which increases your connection with Source energy. By looking within, we discovered the “words” that gave our secret partner (a special part of the subconscious mind) the correct input to turn our lives around. We also learned exactly when, how and why to use the “words” to increase our prosperity. We went from living in the woods on a small rented spot of land to having a 22-acre, half-million dollar, energy healing retreat center and school called The Reiki Ranch, a non-profit organization located near Chehalis, Washington.

We discovered there are a few short cuts on the road to success in our process of healing. Working with your own life manager, you can clear financial blockages and heal poverty consciousness. Also, we learned to release limiting dogmas and change a struggle mentality into flourishing in all of our circumstances.

All the while, you can bless your circumstances and let go of self-sabotaging/limiting, hidden and fearful beliefs from your mind. Any contra intention or self-defeating thought will block your ability to acquire wealth.

Along the way, we became the founders of an advanced healing method in which we did all the clearing above, plus instantly removed pain (in most cases), changed fear and anxiety into joy, poverty into plenty and sickness into well-being and high energy. We coined it “Laser Reiki,” because it was so fast and precise. We found that we could even do this clearing process remotely for others. Clients were amazed!

Next, we got the idea that we could just as easily find and delete negative programs causing poverty consciousness. We brainstormed some questions and applied the Laser Reiki energy testing and clearing methods to the limiting beliefs that blocked our prosperity. Our business then tripled.

Before we go, we have a suggestion for you: Learn to ask for your desires in such a way that the mind gives no back talk. We teach these methods in Laser Reiki training.

A major breakthrough was being able to measure the percentage we were blocked on specific issues. We found we could even measure our progress as we worked. If we were blocked by 70 percent, then our success rate could only be 30 percent. We deleted many, many different mind programs for others, such as those who had a fear of success at the same time they had fear of failure. To do our work, we had to clear the fear of not being good enough, the belief that you have to work hard to be successful, and the

dogma that you must have a great education to get ahead. We even had to clear a “genetic fear” that bled into this life that it might not be safe to have money. These programs were deleted with no back talk.

For example, in the Laser Reiki testing method, when we asked the client’s Life Manager what his ability was to start a new business and found that he was only 40 percent clear or open to success, that meant he was 60 percent blocked. Then we would find those blockages, delete them and energize with a positive program. The ability to manifest new business was then increased. This process can be done repeatedly, testing the increase until your ability to attract new business is up there with the best. This is why it is a great idea for you to learn this simple procedure for yourself.

The Law of Attraction and your life manager exist to find you all the material and spiritual things you desire. The movie The Secret made it clear that many people have achieved their goals, but in real life, few who saw the movie made the jump to success. Is there something missing in the process? Yes, and it is that most people have a junk software tug-of-war going on within. If you learn how to hit the delete and reprogram buttons in your consciousness, then you can have what you want with no back talk. It makes sense to learn these release procedures, because expanding consciousness is an ongoing practice.

Roi and I noticed that our manifestations come a lot quicker when the voice within the mind does not talk back. If you say, “I’m a millionaire!,” then the mind will start arguing, reasoning that it doesn’t believe it, can’t see it happening, the bank account doesn’t show it, and that it’s not logical that you’ll magically become a millionaire. Wouldn’t you like to have that back talk go away, just as we have?

Taylore Vance

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