Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sickness Is Caused By Low Energy?

You might wonder if Sickness might come first and that causes the Low Energy?  No, that's not true!

Low energy comes first. It it has a limited flow, that allows inflammation,  bacteria, fungus, viruses, germs to grow and multiply while reducing the body's immune system.

When I say low energy -- it is something you might feel if you are sensitive?  Maybe? You might not notice you have low energy flow. You might just feel disconnected and a little unsettled. Or "you might feel sick."

In my energy healing practice/ energy training for others we measure the amount of energy flow on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10/10 being the best and highest flow of energy.

The energy we are measuring is the amount of Source energy that is flowing through your body. When that natural flow of energy is blocked or partly blocked the body's ability to heal itself is limited and a person's health is severely challenged. (We have Cosmic Energetic Healing Techniques to raise the level of energy in a person's body.)

We teach this way of healing the body  in  our Laser Reiki classes. You'll find lots of information, articles and testimonials there.

When a person come for an energy healing, I first check to find out just how they are doing in their energy flow. After doing the Laser Reiki energy clearings, i.e. removing the emotional blockages form the past, present or even the future, the client always feels better, lighter and happier.

At the Reiki Ranch we have easy procedures to remove bad, stuck or dark energy from a person. Anybody can learn how to do this and feel good now.  Long standing pain can instantly go away when the bad energy is removed from the area.

It works like magic when the person is aligned with their own healing. I've also seen where if a person is not aligned with getting well their energy clearing is slow and arduous.

Even Reiki is being used in hospitals to quicken the healing process.
You can take a free Reiki 1 class at the Reiki Ranch... 

Health and wellness is natural to your body!  Sickness and pain is not natural -- neither is death a natural way to exist this world!