Monday, April 13, 2009

Economic Financial Hardships - Reiki Helps!

Your outer world is actually created by your inner world: We so often feel secure in our lives when we think the outer situations make us feel secure, but that security is an illusion, as many of you have come to find out.

Without that internal connection to Source energy -- all is an illusion: We feel comforted by our our home, our family, our job, our bank account. That is a very shallow foundation of security and it won't stand up in hard times.

What happens when an economic hardship hits your local economy? The job or money starts shifting or disappears altogether. The outer props of life cannot give you a true and unshakable foundation.

Reiki gives you a true connection to an unshakable foundation of security no matter what is happening in the stock market or job markets. Can you be open to a new foundation that you can lean on even in times of great transition and financial hardships? Those who are Reiki are the most secure people around. Try Reiki! You will be happy and worry free when chaos is happening all around you!

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Zach said...

I absolutely agree - Reiki does help in unstable times. It offers us the opportunity to get in touch with our intuition and the direction of our lives. Thanks for this reminder, as I believe we do need to remember this!

Reiki Master/Teacher

ReikiRanch said...

Thanks, Zack, for dropping by the Reiki Ranch here:
Reiki Healing and FREE ThinkingYour connection to Source Energy is more important that anything else and it will stand the test of time when all else fails!

Yvonne Handford said...

Hi I totally agree. The more we use Reiki in many areas of our lives the happier we all will be.

Reiki does enable one to develope strenght and unshakeable faith regardless of external appearances.

Thank you for sharing

Many blessings of Love and Light