Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Swine Flu Is Not Scary

Swine Flu Is Not Scary -- if you know about MMS (now called Water Purification Drops.)

The news media is having a field day scaring people with swine flu a cross between flu and bird flu.

NEW DELHI: Even as the World Health Organisation on Tuesday acknowledged that the H1N1 swine flu virus can no longer be contained as it had Swine flu
A South Korean quarantine officer (L) checks the body temperature of a passenger arriving from China against the possible infection of flu. India kicked off a massive containment exercise, screening all international passengers coming from US, Canada and Mexico for influenza symptoms.

I would be glad to share what's happening to MMS...

This new oval MMS green bottle is Jim Humble's original formula and is the professional grade. The distributors are experimenting with different labels because the FDA is cracking down and trying to take the MMS off the market. One thing that has been suggested by Jim is to call it: WPD - Water purification Drops -- instead of Miracle Mineral Supplement -- like the old label stated. It is a miracle, but we are not allowed to say that now. Only pharmaceutical drugs are being called: miracles!

The 4 oz. oval green bottle contains the same, original 28% sodium chlorite ingredient as recommended by Jim, it has AT LEAST 5 OZ of WPD. And the shape of the bottle has been changed to oval because of shipping. The oval ships much better, cost less to ship, and there is less chance of damage by the mail or shipping.

Amazon has been wacked also -- they were told to stop selling the Jim Humble Book and the MMS as a package deal (product + book) because the book is full of testimonials. If testimonials are sold with a product -- it could be considered a drug and must have a prescription.

We're trying our best to keep the MMS on the market under any name... WPD or what ever. It is getting down to people sharing it with people.

With this Swine flu scare you could tell your friends and family about the miracle mineral. We'd be glad to personally work with your friends and family by supplying products. The how-to-use it is becoming a problem, also. You might try for: "How to use it!" They can say all that is good for and have testimonials because they do not sell anything on their site.

We personally don't sell anything on this site. There are lots of other sites that sell the MMS or as now called Water Purification Drops


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