Monday, March 30, 2009

MMS-Miracle Mineral Is Now: Water Purification

Miracle Mineral or "MMS" as Jim Humble coined the familiar name that described this liquid product's ability to create miracles in the lives of sick people is under fire from the FDA.

WILL FDA RAID MMS SUPPLEMENT SUPPLIERS? Yes, if they keep giving out MMS testimonials, telling people how to use the MMS drops, selling the book along with selling the MMS - miracle mineral product. It is now a "no-no" to sell the MMS (WPD) and give testimonials or sell the book which is full of testimonials.

Suppliers of MMS miracle mineral need to wise up and quite giving testimonials. We do not sell the product on this site! No, we do not sell any products of any kind on this website!

Many miracle mineral distributers have been advised by Jim Humble to take his name off the sites selling the priduct, as well as his books.

Buy MMS - Miracle Mineral Supplement from these fine sites who donate to humantarian projects all around the world in the fight against Malarias, Dengue Fever, yellow fever. etc.!

MMS has an 80 year old history for purification of water. Jim Humble's suppliers are now calling the MMS -- Water purification drops!

All over the world-- sodium chlorite (the formula is NaClO2) has been used to generate chlorine dioxide probably more often than any other method.

For the formula for chlorine dioxide we merely remove the Na which is sodium, and we have chlorine dioxide, ClO2.

Search the Internet -- There are probably ten methods of using sodium chlorite to generate chlorine dioxide.

The FDA approves several methods of just adding swimming pool acid to a watery solution of sodium chlorite for the purpose of making chlorine dioxide which is used to sterilize chicken or beef before it is sold to the public. The FDA specifies that it be rinsed off of the chicken or beef before sale. The acid generates the chlorine dioxide from the sodium chlorite.

For camping and hiking stores in the U.S. one can also find sodium chlorite in a tablet or watery form known as Stabilized Oxygen. In almost all cases Stabilized Oxygen is manufactured by simply adding 3.5% sodium chlorite by weight to distilled water, that's 35,000 ppm. You can do it in your kitchen. Just don't use any metal pots and pans, not even stainless steel. Use only plastic or glass or Corning Ware.

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