Monday, May 12, 2008

What Does Reiki Have to do with MMS?

I have been asked this question several times... Reiki is alternative healing -- it is energy healing at its best and is known all over the world. Reiki energy healing is beyond the physical, but it heals the physical body.

MMS is Miracle Mineral Solution or as it used to be called Miracle Mineral Supplement! This MMS solution is actually Chlorine Dioxide and it works to help the immune system at an energy level. Yes, it too, like Reiki, works at the beyond-the-physical-levels. The Chlorine Dioxide molecule is electrical in nature and has a negative (-) energy field.

From all I have read and studied, all the bad stuff (positively charged +) in the body is causing name brand diseases and sickness. The bad stuff is heavy metals, microorganisms, parasites, Lyme disease, Desert Storm disease, etc. The heavy metals come from our diet, work place, home and even breathing polluted air. All this stuff has an atomic positive charge (+).

Here's what MMS - Miracle Mineral Supplement does: it is carried by your body's immune system to the location where it is needed. At the quantum level (energy healing level) the MMS is attracted to the invading parasite, heavy metal or other problem invader because of MMS's electrical charge (-).

Positive (+) and negative (-) charges attract each other. They combine at anenergy level and both of them POOF out of existence. At the atomic level there is no room for mutation. Miracle Mineral Solution is like a hand grenade to the invading substances.

I agree that it doesn't taste so good, but when mixed with natural apple juice once activated -- it is not so bad.

Anyone want to share their MMS experiences? Just leave a comment...

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