Monday, May 12, 2008

Heal Your Cancer - Books List

What makes the body break down ag get sick? The terrain has to be unresolved hurt emotions. The hurt emotions form energy blockages and cut off the perfect flow of Source energy's wellness. Learn Reiki, practice Reiki, get a Reiki healing, and for the fastest energy blockage removal get a Laser Reiki treatment. The Laser Reiki practitioner will talk to your subconscious mind and with its help find and remove emotional energy blockages.

A list of books for your recovery from cancer:

Sick and Tired? Reclaim Your Inner Terrain (the best book I have seen so far)
by Robert O. Young, Ph.D., D.Sc. with Shelley Redford Young, L.M.T.
(Note: This book replaces: One Sickness, One Disease, One Treatment)

Four Women Against Cancer (the best book on the history of research on pleomorphic microbes)
by Alan Cantwell Jr., M.D.

The Cancer Microbe
by Alan Cantwell Jr., M.D.

The Germ that Causes Cancer
by Doug A. Kaufmann
(Note: This is the specialized book that replaces: The Fungus Link)

Cancer: Cause, Cure and Cover-up
by Ron Gdanski

The Cure For All Cancers
by Hulda Regehr Clark, Ph.D., N.D.

The Cure For All Advanced Cancers
by Hulda Regehr Clark, Ph.D., N.D.

The Cancer Cure That Worked: 50 Years of Suppression
by Barry Lynes

Choose Life or Death
by Carey A. Reams with Cliff Dudley
(Note: This is a book on the Reams Biological Theory of Ionization)

The Body Electric: Electromagnetism and the Foundation of Life
by Robert Becker and Gary Selden

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