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Reiki for Abundance -Manifesting Airline Passage

Practice manifesting your desires when you really want something to happen.

Have you ever had the sickening feeling that you’ve missed your airplane flight? Here’s a great personal story that illustrates the power of manifesting using Reiki for Abundance.

I’m in the Republic of Panama at Tocumen airport terminal. My bags have been checked curbside, and my daughter has driven away. I find out that my flight was yesterday! You’re sure it’s not today? Today’s Houston flight is overbooked, and the lines are full. What a mess!
What can I do? I can’t go back to my daughter’s house, because this is the first weekend in her adult life free of kids and husband. My cousin Holly is waiting for me in Houston. And in two days, in San Antonio, I have a radio interview and demonstration on Instant Pain and Depression Relief.

I am going to Houston! There are no other options. I have to be there. With my skills in consciousness and energy, manifesting, Laser Reiki, and Cosmic Energetic Healing, manifesting a desirable outcome from this mess should be easy. Now, . . . in my mind I see Holly smiling and waving at me as she meets me at the airport . . . And I am two steps on my way to Houston!

I interrupt the story to show you that, here, we see the first steps to manifestation.

The Steps to Manifestation of Your Desire
The Steps -- As illustrated in this story

1. Decide upon a desired outcome.
I’m going to Houston, TODAY!

2. Visualize it; see it as an accomplished fact.
I see Holly picking me up at Houston International Airport

3. Be grateful for the desired outcome.
Thank you, God, for helping me realize that you have already taken care of my arrival in Houston today, even beyond my wildest imagination!
4. Celebrate
It has all worked out; it’s a done deal. Yaaaayyyy!

Now let’s return to the story . . .

My manifestation list is ready, and I’ve done the first two steps.
I just need to keep from thinking of things that I don’t want to have happen. Or dwelling on the circumstances that “made” me miss the flight.“How stupid I was to arrive at the airport a day late.”

All is in Divine Order! No matter what it looks like at the moment. There is no point in worrying and fretting. Those useless thoughts will keep me upset, and ruin my manifestation. Reiki for Abundance.

Once the manifestation goes out, do not think about it. And especially do not think about the worst that might happen. In this case, going back and ruining my daughter’s free weekend, paying $1,200 for a one-way ticket to Houston, and missing my radio interview in San Antonio. If you think about the negative aspects, you cancel out all the good work you’ve done in manifesting. (Don't think about this...)

To keep my mind off negative thoughts, I reach into my pocket for the photo of my young granddaughter. She is quite a beauty, and a capable Reiki Master at just age six. Looking at that picture gives me great pleasure. I found it in my daughter’s car while we were on the way to the airport. She had recently replaced photos in her wallet with new ones, and this picture was right there waiting for me on the seat. (The photo is a tool to remind me of joy.)

In my purse I have a small book, “Silent Power,” by Stewart Wilde. Reading is a good way to keep the mind busy. Now, I’ve been in the airport for an hour -- it’s time to reaffirm my manifestation. This time I asked my angels for help.

I reaffirm my request and add:

  • I will get to Houston without having to pay any extra money.
  • And -- I will fly FIRST CLASS!
    Well, why not? Why settle for only getting to Houston? Let's travel in grand style. Life is an illusion. I told myself, “Why not have a FIRST CLASS illusion?”
    I’m figuring that this is all a set-up by my spiritual guides to test me. Will I walk my talk? Or will I crumble under pressure?

Reading the words in a book and manifesting your desires in the third dimension are two different things. Add the pressure of a real life emergency to the situation and the emotions boil – unless you step back and look at the situation from outside the emotions. Manifesting is a mechanical process if you have all the steps!

I teach manifestation, but I’ve never done it under pressure. I pulled out the emotions of fear and worry from my psyche and replaced them with peace using Laser Reiki techniques.

  1. I see myself flying First Class,
  2. I am feeling the joy
  3. I am imagining that I’m on the plane
  4. I am relaxing knowing that all is my angels’ hands. I’m home free.

The airport line is thinning. Only the problem flyers, like me, are still here. I get shuffled from counter to counter. When I’m threatened with having to pay extra, I tell the agent, “I don’t want to do that. See what you can work out.” Finally, an agent asks if I would fly to Newark, New Jersey, and then hop a flight to Houston later in the evening. “Okay!” I cheerfully respond.
After five minutes of paperwork, I’m off to the gate. I’m the last passenger to board, and the flight attendant says I can sit in First Class (Thank you, God!) because there are two empty seats there.

The businessman sitting next to me is pleasant, and we begin to talk about Panama. He asks if I know his friend – she’s from Oklahoma. I don’t know anyone from Oklahoma, but who is it? Annie Cisneros. My very best friend during the twenty years I lived in Panama! We lost contact after I moved to the States. While I was visiting my daughter and her family, I tried, futilely, to find an address or phone number for Annie. My seatmate had dated her daughter for years. We exchange lots of stories about Annie and her children. Like me, Annie is from Arkansas. If I hadn’t asked for the name, the conversation would have ended.

Be present in the moment and open at all times to what the Universe is presenting to you. Or you might miss an important lesson.

The trip to Newark, NJ was great; the hours passed in no time. Thank you God, for the extra bonuses of flying first class at no extra charge and finding out about my friend Annie! I arrived in Houston late at night, my manifestation was complete.

I used Reiki for Abundance.

Life is great if you constantly thank the Source for all its opportunities!

Sometimes opportunities look like troubles.

Just keep thanking God anyway. It worked for me! And it will work for you.

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Paula Kirsch said...

Great articles Taylor! Please post link and visit my blog:

Anonymous said...

hi mi name is annie cisneros and i live in oklahoma. i think i dont know you

Reiki Ranch said...

Hi Annie,
Are you the Annie that has parent living in Arkansas? Are you the one that married Raul in Panama?

If not, it's a very large worlds with lots of you (Annie Cisneros) running around.

Thanks for visiting my Reiki for Abundance and prosperity blog. If you would like to meet the other annie C. just let me know. I think she still lives in Panama in albrook Air Force base, the old Panama Canal.