Thursday, April 12, 2007

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Description: All about Reiki! Learn Reiki I, II, III. Become a Reiki
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Constance said...

Hi Taylore ! I so appreciate your help today !! I think it is a significant breakthrough for me :)

Many blessings to you for your goodness !

I added you as a link on my blog, and also made a special blessing for you today (July 3rd) on the blog in the upper right corner.

Happy holidays and a wonderful year to you, Taylore !

Loving Annie

Alice Langholt said...

I just wanted to thank you for sharing your insights on Reiki. I have recently been attuned to Reiki II and have been practicing sending distance Reiki and energy to my family and friends daily. I started a blog, and would like to invite you and anyone interested to come and read about my journey, and lend comments, feedback or advice wherever one feels guided to.
I have added you to my blogroll.

Reiki Ranch said...

Just a quick note to you both:

Thank you Loving Annie for your complements and kind words. I am truly blessed with people like you in my life. Yes, thank you -- my year was wonderful and very happy...

And Thanks to Alice Langholt who stopped by to invite you to her excellent blog on her journey.

Many blessings to you both from Taylore and the Reiki Ranch.

Anonymous said...


I recently found your website: online for other good blogs. I run my own blog, and I am trying to link to other blogs I think my visitors might like to visit once they are done on my site.

Since my website is visited by 1,000's of blog readers daily, I am positive many of my visitors would be interested in visiting your web blog once they leave mine. I figured you wouldn't mind if I link to your site since we are not competitors, and both have similar internet viewers on our sites. Please let me know if this is OK with you? Do you think you can link back to my website Thanks.


Anonymous said...

Taylore, your chosen field reminds people to value themselves and sense balance is always within reach. Your blog is a wealth of information and pure joy.

Alice Langholt said...

Peace and blessings, Taylore!

I'm stopping by to let you and your readers know that I'm offering a tutorial and mentoring in distance Reiki for anyone who is interested in increasing their confidence, learning some new practice modes, and getting feedback on distance Reiki.

I'm a volunteer with the Distance Healing Network, and respond to all requests for Reiki. I send distance Reiki every night and am extremely comfortable and strong in it. I wish to share my learning by helping others to attain this comfort level with distance Reiki to spread the beauty of Reiki further.

Anyone who feels they would benefit from this personalized tutorial is invited to my blog ( or to email me at alice.langholt (at) .


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