Saturday, January 19, 2013


Reiki is your connection to Source energy
Would you allow Reiki to lift your life -- up to the next level?  

What if you could start this month with a completely free Reiki 1 Certification class and just see where it takes you? ( Next Class date is Jan 26th.

You might have wondered, “How do I take my success a little higher?”
 You may have figured out that education is one of the keys. There is a global market place made up of people wanting to expand their consciousness as well as take their success to a new level.  We are doing this and helping others on this journey into Oneness and Enlightenment. We have found that like-minded people find us and want to associate. Some may also be looking for you, and what you have to offer. Fortunately we are each unique!

Reiki connects you to Source energy and the way we teach it – it gives you a big boost in all areas of your life!

You might ask why is our Reiki certification free when others charge so much?  It is our way pf paying consciousness back for all the neat stuff we receive!

As you know everyone wants to feel good!

One way of having these good feelings is for you to be connected with the higher self/Source/God – a place where you always feel loved!

You might want to stop reading for a moment and try this exercise. Just take a deep breath exhaling completely and say these words three times: “All is well!”

Would you like even more of this energy?

What do you think is holding the masses of people back from this bliss?

Books are full of what’s available …and all the conflicting information is there, too.  Is there a conspiracy to keep the whole nation away from feeling good, being healthy, having a great relationship and enjoying prosperity? Many of us are in the magnetic field of people expanding their consciousness and opening their minds into this new awareness, and this group is expanding beyond containment into Enlightenment!

Learn how we’ve been put down energetically so that we will want to be called normal. We’re programmed since being a baby…
·      How to think.
·      When to be angry, scared or depressed.
·      To limit our dreams, or to not dream big.
·      To give away our sovereignty/freedom.