Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Energy Healing Classes for Business Finances

Can you heal your business finances?

Healing simply means to make well or to restore to health. So, maybe your business finances need a clearing? Could your business have energy blockages? Could your earnings reach a limit -- a barrier that the energy won't let you pass? Are your business earnings less than you desire?

Home based business owners take notice:

Financial Alternative Healing would then refer to a different way of healing. Healing can be applied to many things- living and non-living, concrete and abstract. Some practitioners say that living beings such as humans, animals, birds who are sick need to be healed, these are the concrete living things I refer to; but in addition to that one also speaks of healing situations, relationships, friendships, minds, hearts, souls, finances, your business partners, yourself, the business finances, and many other such issues- these are the non-living, abstract things in our lives.

Have your earnings reached a financial peek that you cannot pass? A financial healing is in order...

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Mary Rettig said...

Interesting concept that you can heal your business and finacial troubles. I never would of though of that.
Mary Rettig
Reiki level II
Life Coach to Reike Healers

Reiki Ranch said...

Thank you, Mary Rettig,
Everything is consciousness and energy!
Energy flow can be measured and if it is not flowing clear -- then everything takes longer to do, it may be blocked, attracting low level energy, etc.

Want easy success? -- clear your energy!!!