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What is MMS?

What is MMS?

If this is the first time you've heard of Water Purification Drops then you haven't been camping or traveling lately. WPD have been on the market for over 50 years. Some still call it: Miracle Mineral Solution-- here's a very brief explanation. It's a 28% solution of Sodium Chlorite which when activated using Citric Acid becomes a consumable substance that is believed by many people to be an effective treatment for disease. It becomes the powerful chlorine dioxide -- killer of pathogens, fungus, bacteria, Ecoli, Flu virus, etc.

Follow this MMS link( for more detailed free information from Jim Humble, the man who discovered and refined it's use.

What is MMS good for?
Is MMS an effective treatment for Disease? If so, which diseases and how?These questions and many more, are answered in Jim Humble's MMS and Health book.

MMS has been used in the past, and continues to be tried and tested by individuals today as a treatment for disease, Lyme disease, Dengue fever, Hepatitis being some of them.

Water purification = chlorine dioxide and it is approved by the FDA for food processing and water purification. Although WPD or as it used to be called: MMS- Miracle Mineral Solution Is not a medicine, it is a truth to say that it has been used as a hepatitis treatment by some people. Jim Humble has spent years researching water purification solutions for treatments for the malaria disease and has written this health book, articles and journals on a variety of diseases, including Hepatitis Treatment and Lyme Disease.

To buy MMS or to buy WPD (as they want us to call it) go to:

NEW!!! 4th Edition as of 2010 - Book by Jim Humble

Breakthrough: The Miracle Mineral Supplement of the 21st Century

Jim Humble writes like he talks, in a clear and in a relaxed conversational tone as he describes his MMS story from the start. A collectors choice, paper back copy 3rd edition with updated sections and a great index brings the research up to the present. Sub titled, "The Miracle Mineral supplement of the 21st Century". Having sold out of all previous editions without reprint, this edition seems set to go the same way. People are liking this book because it puts the power back into your hands to heal your body of disease. Since Jim does not sell an MMS product, he can talk about its positive attributes. We do not sell any products on this website either. We just provide useful information.

MMS is now called water purification drops (WPD) because it has been called that for about 80 years. The FDA does not like the solution called a miracle. It is a miracle because it does not hurt health cells. It is only attracted to the microorganisms, heavy metals and other anti-life substances in the body.

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