Monday, August 18, 2008

FDA says: We Can't Cure A Cancer Tumor

Why don't we even know what cancer is? -- after the US has spent billions of dollars in cancer research for the last 70 years no one claims to know anything.
Question: Do they really know? ...and they are not telling us because of money?

If you say: You know what cancer is... then -- "big brother" comes with a SWAT team and closes your successful health clinic, steals your vitamins, minerals, B12 shots, anti-acid diets, and magnesium mineral bath salt. (None of these basic health items are illegal or unlawful to buy, sell, ingest or own!)

What is the big cancer secret?

Why can't, we the public, be advised as to "what cancer really is?" (They know! But it is all about the money -- not about your getting well and living a healthy long life!))

Why can't alternative health practitioners tell their health clients how to prevent cancer or heal the body of cancer? When they heal the real "cause of cancer" their clinics get closed, records stolen, clinic torn up, computers stolen, remedies trashed, etc. If they can and are not thrown in jail for healing people, they might try to reopen in Mexico to continue to help people.

This is a secret below... and they won't tell you this and it is only part of the story...

Cancer only occurs in a person
  1. where there are hurt emotions (energy) stored up and/or blocked energy plus -
  2. the body is very acid
  3. the blood is sticky and cannot carry sufficient oxygen
  4. and there appears to be a lack of the mineral magnesium.
  5. There are other things to consider such as a more natural diet, but that is another story...

Check out why everyone needs magnesium oil, magnesium chlorite spray on oil, transdermal oil, magnesium foot soak with bath salt Mg Cell Bath Salt. See even more at

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Anonymous said...

In Chile, we have had excellent results with reiki and other complementary therapies applied to cancer.
Excellent article. I hope that if we come to visit Santiago.

Reiki Ranch said...

Dear Felipe,

Thank you so much for dropping by our Reiki ranch Blogger discussion.

Cancer is a big problem. We have found a new alternative healing writer and specialist in non-traditional, and traditional cancer treatments and assistance for the body. Pam Taylor will be writing articles for a new cancer educational and self-help web site.

The site should be up in a few days. I hope I didn't jump the gun in announcing news about the cancer treatment site. Pam is also an energy healing practitioner.

Thanks for your comment, Phil! And I hope I can come visit you in Chile and meet the Reiki people there



Anonymous said...

I wanted to share this news item with you:

“For the first time, cancer has surpassed heart disease as the top killer of Americans under 85…. In 2002, the most recent year for which information is available, 476,009 Americans under 85 died of cancer compared with 450,637 who died of heart disease. ” (American Cancer Society’s annual report released in January 2005)

Anonymous said...

I saw this on


"The committee concluded that nutrition education programs in US medical schools are largely inadequate to meet the present and future demands of the medical profession”. Committee of Nutrition in Medical education, National Academy of Sciences.

We now have over 40 different auto-immune diseases. Our bodies are attacking the self.And the self is confused. In despair. The destruction of the outer is reflected within.

The majority of births are less sacred events than medical acts while infertility and erectal dysfunction are dramatically increasing. The majority of the elderly are extinguished with the "morphine drip", thus depriving them with the sacred disease-less eternal sleep while phyto-therapy (botanicals), massage, breathing, diet, mental imagery and acupuncture can replace morphine in most cases of pain management. The majority of Americans are chronically stressed, thus shortening the longevity "talomere" inscribed on each of our sacred chromosomes.

Like during the decadent phase of the Ottomane Empire, one third of Americans are obese, have diabetes, have joint discomfort and arthritis and two thirds are over-weight. Mental illness is growing to an epidemic proportion as well as many other “civilization diseases”. Endemic addiction to drugs or alcohol involves 20 percent of Americans, one in five are cigarette addicts.

The idolized mercantile "system" has succeed. It has devitalized us like conventional seedless grapes. Like drugged sheep ready for the final blow. At this rate, we will all soon be bald, toothless, and assisted with crutches and manufactured organs.

Right now, the United States spends $7,129 per capita on health care—more than twice as much per capita as the rest of the industrialized world. One of every seven dollars goes into the sickness industry. Yet, the United States performs poorly in comparison on major health indicators such as life expectancy, infant mortality and adult vitality.

The worse though, is that:

“For the first time, cancer has surpassed heart disease as the top killer of Americans under 85… ” (American Cancer Society)

At this rate, we will all soon be toothless, in wheel-chairs and have our life-given organs surgically removed and replaced with money-making artificial ones.

The financial and suffering consequences of our public health or sickness system are serious: one of every seven dollars goes into the sickness industry while the health-care system performs poorly in comparison to other countries like Canada, France and Sweden whose leaders have provided comprehensive coverage to their entire populations.

On the other hand, over 50 million Americans remain completely uninsured, (650,000 of whom are Washingtonians) while dozens of millions more are inadequately covered and over 250 million Americans who have no access to holistic health. The result is that millions of Americans are unable to pay medical bills.

In this perspective, the evidence shows that the inability to pay for medical bills is the leading cause of bankruptcies – they currently contribute to about half the bankruptcies in the United States.

Worse, 18,000 Americans die because they cannot afford health care (Cf Institute of Medicine Report). Health care costs have risen four times faster than wages over the past six years.

Still worse, according to a John Hopkins University’s article published in the Journal of American Medical Association, during the year 1999, roughly 300,000 American patients died prematurely as a result of American mainstream allopathic medicine, the third cause of deaths after cardio-vascular events and cancer.

More recently, different studies have shown that each year, over 600,000 American patients have been sacrificed on the altar of medical negligence, corporate greed and scientific dogma. CLICK HERE for the a few pieces of evidence.

And it gets even worse, the People' s insomnia, depression, chronic stress, pain levels and "iatrogenic" injuries are at an all high. Among many other pieces of evidence:
"About 1.5 million Americans are injured each year because of errors in their medications" (Institute of Medicine (IOM) report, July 20, 2006).

The report estimated that such errors in hospitals alone cost the health system well over $3.5 billion per year. And this does not include errors made at the doctors' offices, pharmacies, long-term care facilities, and in patients' own homes.

As for the cancer epidemic, (regarding which one in two Americans and one in two and a half women and domestic animals will have at least one cancer malignancy diagnosis in her or his lifetime), the so called "War on Cancer" is exactly like the War for "Liberty" in the Mid-East. It is an illusion. Not getting any better. “ 35 years

of intense efforts on cancer treatments have been a blatant failure” (New England Journal of Medicine, Volume 314). And as noted, in 2006, cancer took the place of cardio-vascular diseases as the number one killer for those under 85 years old.

Today, nothing shows that the American and Washingtonian health-care is getting better, one in three Washingtonian is or will be suffering from obesity, arthritis, cardio-vascular, cancer, depression and other diseases. CLICK HERE for additional pieces of the evidence. And at what costs. Millions of American un-necessarily suffering.

Trillions of wasted dollars that could have gone toward Life.
Thus, it remains important to make public health, universal health-care and holistic healing

THE priority, including but not limited to the active promotion of an organic plant-based diet for all public spaces, from schools, to adminstrative buildings, public hospitals, jails and judicial palaces.

Even if most of us can "handle" an animal-based diet, in the long run, our health degenerates because of this dogma. The weight of the evidence is established on this issue.

We were not designed for "animal fuel", even if Socrates confirmed this, let alone the best bio-chemists and physicians in the world. (See the evidence section of the Action plan).

A public health recommendation of at least 80 percent organic non processed plant-foods in our diet would already make a significant and money-saving difference in reducing chronic diseases (if applied).

That this proposed public policy (diet and health) would reduce professional and academic incompetence while increasing the People's vitality and the public good is established by apreponderance of the evidence..
He's got some good ideas!

Joubert for Governor

A letter of endorsement below:
We need a new political perspective for Washington State. One that moves beyond worn out paths of partisan politics.

Christian Joubert will surely bring a fresh approach when he is elected Governor.

Anyone who has read his website
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candidacy, only an honest desire to effect change for the better for the State of Washington.

I urge the citizens of Washington to vote for Christian Joubert for Governor.
Eli Chase
Bellingham, WA

Anonymous said...

reiki is really good