Wednesday, June 18, 2008

New Reiki - Energy Healing Sites

I would like to invite you to visit these new Reiki Treatment, Reiki Blogs, Reiki Energy Healing, Reiki Stories, Reiki Articles Websites -- Full of Reiki Resources to check out!

These Reiki sites below support the Energy Healing Center, in Chehalis, WA where we have a Free Healing Clinic every month on the 2nd Sunday! Walk-in are welcome. Come in for a free healing. Experience what an energy healing feels like.
1. The Reiki Ranch, Reiki Healing Retreat Center and Photos

2. Reiki Articles, Reiki Miracle Healings - share your stories...

3. Ami Reiki, New Reiki articles

4. Reiki Treatments using Cosmic Energetic Healing, Prosperity, Ascended Masters (

5. Alternative Health -Natural Choices for Life (DH)

6. Reiki for Life (Reiki.DH)

7. Pain Free Childbirth (Painfree.DH)

Thanks for supporting Natural Health and the Energy healing family. We are making a difference in helping one person at a time get better connected to Life Force energy. When we are connected, we shine! You will know the difference between being lost, confused and being an important part of Source energy. You will Shine! and be happy!

Happy, Happy, Happy!

Some Reiki Words worth checking out: Reiki Treatment, Reiki Blogs, Reiki Energy Healing, Reiki Stories, Reiki Articles, Reiki Websites, Reiki Resources, Learn alternative medicine, Experience what natural nutrition can do for your body!

Happy, Happy, Happy!

You can be happy, too!


Mark Peterson-Estrada said...


This is so amazing... I'm a Reiki Master in SF,Ca and have been trying to establish Reiki Clinic's that rotate locations and offer holistic services at a sliding fee to various communities. Site's like this help the general public to better understand what Life force energy at Reiki is about. My grattitude to you. More info about Community Soul Reiki Clinics at

Namaste' Mark

ReikiRanch said...

Thanks, Mark, for visiting Reiki Energy Healing and posting your comments!

Good luck with your Reiki clinics in California!

Come by and visit the Reiki Ranch in Chehalis, WA.

PS: Reiki Students are looking to party together in a safe location. Students take a spring break together!