Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Reiki Energy Healing, Reiki Treatment for Neck Pain, back Pain

We all wear a physical body!

You are not the body!

You can learn how to step outside the physical body. You are energy!

We've seen Reiki, holistic, healing, energy healing, metaphysical work, spiritual work, Reiki master, Reiki hands on healing, natural healing, alternative healing, and reiki blessings work in uplifting the energy field of the body. Even with learning Reiki 1 or Reiki 2 you can make a difference in the life of another. If you are a Reiki Master you make a bigger difference.

Life gets better when you learn how to take care of the body!

In reality it may feel like we ...are the body, but we are each the spiritual being who is driving the body.

Some kind of treatment is required ...when the body "gets sick." Pain, illness, sickness only only means the vibrational frequency of the body is low.

As you may know: In Quantum physics the view is beyond the physical!

With a Laser Reiki healing you can raise the frequency of the body and it can get well.

Health and wellness are natural to the body. When a person had neck pain --it can be proven that the frequency of the neck is low. If you have a lower back pain -- that means that the energy flow in your lower back is low or partly blocked. An energy healing would help release the blockages so the body can heal itself again!

Practitioners who give Laser Reiki healings remove the energy blockages and then test again.

After the energy healing the pain is gone! (Well, it is usually completely gone, but sometimes it may several layers of energy healing to get through to the root cause of the problem or disease.

The results of an energy healing -- The frequency is higher and into the range of health, joy, happiness!

Healing the body is a mechanical process. You may have energy blockages causing sickness?
We can check it for you...

Taylore Vance and partner Roi Halse
Reiki Masters
Reiki Blog at Reiki Energy Healing–Remote Distance Healing where Taylore shares techniques. She and her partner have an energy healing center at Reiki Ranch, Chehalis, WA.


Anonymous said...

Hey man,

Thank you for commenting on my blog! I am happy that your blog isn't another make money blog. I am into health myself and have tried the Tiberian Monk exercise to get great result.

I will visit daily!

Thanks again!

Reiki Ranch said...


Thanks for visiting our Reiki Healing site. I wish you lots of luck on your blog!

I hope you try energy healing along with your Tiberian Monk exercises!

Anonymous said...

a quick word on neck and back pain...

i find your take on it interesting. one of the primary causes of such pains is caused by sleeping on a cheap mattress (along with sat for hours on end at blogging on your computer!)

Orthapedic, Memory-Foam and tempurpedic mattresses can help improve the energy flow to the neck and lower back (in fact the spine in general), however the specialist mattress prices are often somewhat higher than standard springed ones. If however, good health is important to you, then this premium should be justified...

Reiki Ranch said...

Dear Steve,

I believe you have a great product for better sleeping. It may help neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, muscle pain and tension. Those old mattresses have terrible springs.
Those springs have a "metal vortex" that pull life force energy out of you. You wake up tried, angry and depressed because of metal springs and the shape of the vortex matrix.

Try energy healing along with the good mattress! You will be happy!

Unknown said...

In addition to alternative therapies, its important that you educate yourself on the symptoms and treatments for spinal disorders. In rare cases it can be a tumor or spinal fracture that is causing your pain. We have both alternative therapies and more traditional treatments at All our articles are reviewed by doctors to insure quality and efficacy

Reiki Ranch said...

Dear Bill,
I appreciate you taking the time to comment on symptoms and treatments for spinal disorders with alternate/traditional back pain treatment at your site.

You make a good point about back pain, neck pain, spinal pain that might have a tumor or broken bone, cracked bone, etc.underneath the back pain.

The more I study, the more I believe that all pain -- all disease has energy blockages under as the emotional root cause, then I am finding micro-organisms there causing inflammation.

If a person has back pain, neck pain, stiffness in the back or lower back pain, it pays to look at traditional and alternative articles.

Reiki Ranch said...

Energy blockages cause neck pain, lower back pain, shoulder pain and arm pain.

Reiki is a great tool to raise the vibrational frequency and -- Reiki also removes pain...

ore natural health sites:

eye care



raw food, healthy food

herpes virus

hgh - human growth hormone

smoking habit, stop smoking

kombucha tea, kombucha drink

vitamin, liquid vitamins


Neck Pain Chehalis said...

Generally, we see two types of neck pain cases. Minor neck and shoulder pain involve sensations of discomfort, stiffness or soreness. If these symptoms last for more than a day or so, occur frequently or were preceded by an accident or some type of injury, we consider it major.

Anonymous said...

Im currently giving reiki to a woman 65 years old who had neck surgery. The doctors inadvertently burned the ends of her muscles in her neck during the procedure babe is in worse pain than before the surgery. What might you suggest?