Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Reiki Healing For Alternative Health. Reiki Works!

Energy Healing -- What is Reiki Healing?

Reiki healing is an energy healing treatment to remove energy blockages and negative energy that holds people back. Energy Healing is a process where you are moving from a low frequency (sadness, depression, physical pain and even bad luck) to a higher frequency (happiness, joy, health, and synchronicity that brings you good opportunities for success.)

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Reiki is Alternative health!

How would anybody think that they can drug a person back into health and well being? It is like an army/air force bombing another county into peace! (Hummm, I wonder why that doesn't work?)

Reiki is connection to the God within!
Therefore, there is only peace and joy when we go within.... to the god within! The Temple is within!

What do you think helps you?


ta2urnfs said...

Just came across your blog. Interesting.
When you say to go to the god within and the temple is within, do you mean that we are all gods or do you mean that we are a temple where god is located?
Thanks for your time.

Reiki Ranch said...

Is there anything outside of god?

Thank you so much for your question. (Yes, I answered a question with a question. We are both.)

Taylore Vance
Reiki Energy Healing

Anonymous said...

Great Blog

The Feel Good Factor

Anonymous said...

Hi there! Bumped with your site thru blogher...Hope you could join a community of women here: and share your thoughts, and most especially, make friends to all women around the world! hope to see you there! :D

Unknown said...

Gracias por tu visita. Tengo muchas ganas de aprender sobre Reiki.

Reiki Ranch said...

Thank you for visiting the Reiki Healing Blog! It is always a pleasure to see Spanish speaking visitors come to learn more about energy healing!

Love and Peace,

The Reiki Ranch
Free Reiki I Classes

Anonymous said...

Your reiki blog reminds people they have additional options to reframe and manage imbalance. Its positive and uplifting to offer people new hope to relieve pain.

Reiki Ranch said...

Thanks, Liara ... and all readers,

I appreciate intelligent readers like you...

Together we are healing the world!

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