Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Cell Magnesium Spray-On Oil For Pain Release

This mineral is the most covered up single informational missing piece of your life!

Cell Magnesium Oi from the Dead Sea: Why is it called Cell Mg Oil? - This is a more unique concentrated magnesium chloride made in a convenient oil form. The "spray-on solution" that immediately helps to relinquish stress, aches & pains, sore joints & muscles and inflammation at the cellular level. It also removes stagnation in your ambition and desire to succeed.

Spray on Cell Magnesium oil -- Because the magnesium oil can be absorbed so easily through the skin, many have found that they can get almost instant relief from the pains of arthritis by massaging a generous amount of magnesium into an area of discomfort. Many have found similar relief from muscular pain, even fibromyalgia-type pain, as well as being stuck in a failure pattern. My husband, Roi, experienced pain relief each time I massaged his shoulder with the Magnesium gel rub-on. After 4-days he was pain free for the first time in months.

Energy is added via a Reiki energy transference process... As an added benefit, we then energetically enhance it using a proprietary process that maintains the integrity and vitality of the product.

It has been proven that spray on Cell Magnesium is 95% asorbed via the skin. Using magnesium oil is the quickest and most convenient way to transmit magnesium chloride into the cells and tissues through the skin. Most people are deficient in Cell Magnesium Oil.

Most people need at least 6 sprays from the Cell Magnesium bottle per day. A Simple application is putting 2-3 sprays under each armpit function as a highly effective deodorant, while at the same time transporting magnesium swiftly through the thin skin into the glands, lymph channels, and bloodstream, for distribution throughout the body.

People can spray it on their chests for a quick application to the chest muscles and heart muscles.

The body's shin uses an Unique delivery system. The body takes the Cell Magnesium and gets this mineral to where it is most needed: Spray it onto the back of the hand or the top of the feet any time of day or night for continuous magnesium absorption. Regardless of where you apply the spray on the body, once it penetrates the surface of the skin, the body transports it to whichever tissues need magnesium most. The body knows where the Cell Magnesium is needed.

It has been published since 1915 that everybody could use additional Cell Magnesium and It is estimated that everyone is deficient in magnesium to one degree or another…

***Check out this simple mineral, inexpensive, and easy to apply. You won’t be sorry --

Immediate results guaranteed! You'll feel the energy to take your next action step...

Product review on CELL MAG OIL:

I just got over Lyme disease that I have had for 6 years by taking your miracle mineral supplement -MMS for 8 months. Then after getting over the terrible pain and weakness of Lyme disease which resembled Fibromyalgia and/or MS, I still had a few pains and weaknesses that would not go away -- until I sprayed my body with Magnesium Oil -- your Cell Mg Oil. Wow, after only three days of spraying my arm and left shoulder with the Mag Oil the pain completely went away. Thank you Taylore and Roi for bringing these wonderful products to market.
Fred Black, Boulder City, CO

Last fall I had used the South American black salve on a small skin cancer spot on my leg. It worked, and worked. The spot turned black; it did get rid of the cancer, but being a diabetic --the black spot stayed sore on my leg for 4 months. I bought some of the Magnesium Oil spray and started spraying my leg. After a week it is finally healing the black spot. I an so happy to find the Cell Mg Oil. It is a great product. I'm using it on my husband also for his sore wrists.
Margaret Foos, Dallas, TX

My feet were burning and tingling all the time. After applying topically, the Magnesium Oil spray I purchased from, my feet feel normal again. I might say that my feet feel happy -- more happy than ever.
Rena from NY

My husband and I are so happy to report back that the Magnesium Bath Salt is working wonders on our bodies. After all when you are in your 80's you might start thinking you're over the hill. But thanks to the Magnesium Bath Salt we're "kicking up out heals, again!" Thanks!
Tom and Sara Himms, Colombia, TN

Thank God for Magnascent Iodine! I took a bottle of it on vacation to Santiago , Chile. I usually take three drops in a glass of water everyday as a health remedy. Well, I got the dreaded travel bug and was so sick to my stomach that I thought I might have had to go the hospital for a stomach implant. (Only kidding.) The only medication I could think of was the iodine drops. I took 6 drops three times a day for two days and it knocked out the bad bacteria from my system. I was back on my feet in 8 hours. Thanks for having the Magnascent iodine drops. Cindy Hoops, Spokane, WA

Like I said on the Cell MG Oil spray product report... I had Lyme disease for 10 years after I had been bitten by a tick while riding my dirt bike South of Olympia, WA with some friends. I treated the bulls eye red rash and thought I was over it. It went inside the body, started multiplying, and six years ago it attacked the whole body like a really bad case of Fibromyalgia or MS. I lost all my body strength, ached all over, and felt like giving up. I tried several things before I found your Miracle Mineral Supplement - MMS. I was tested as having Lyme disease 80/100 and after just 30 days I was tested to be down to 40/100. Now after 8 months on the MMS I just tested .003/100 and that is practically zero! Hurray!
Kelly Green, Fayetteville, AR

Thanks Taylore and Roi for sharing the Miracle Mineral Solution - MMS with me. I didn't know that I needed it, but just three weeks after starting to take 6 drops a day I noted that my energy level was soaring. When I went to do my bike riding, I found that I could ride 12 miles instead of my usual 5 miles and all without feeling the slightest tiredness. I feel that I could run a marathon race!

I got bit by a household mosquito that carried the dreaded Dengues Fever. I am an American citizen living in Panama City, Rep. of Panama. I was sick with high fever for over ten days. If I was bitten again, the doctor said, I would go into hemorrhagic fever and bleed from all my orifices and die. That's pretty scary! I tried Miracle Mineral Supplement - MMS because I heard that it would kill malaria in only four hours and it would also take care of all microorganisms in the body -- including Dengue fever. Good news! I'm free and clear of all Dengue's bacteria now after just one month on the MMS mineral. My energy level is higher than ever and when I go the Parque Uraqua - an exercise public park in Panama, I run like a gazelle. That is pretty good for a 47 year old mother of three.
Anna Parker, Panama, RP


SAFAHL said...

Good informative blog

Anonymous said...

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


Reiki Ranch said...

Thanks for posting on the Reiki Healing Blog.

I appreciate you reading the blog and leaving useful comments for our readers.

Magnesium oil is cheap, everyone is deficient in enough magnesium for the youth we all want in life. This means we all need magnesium -- we are not getting it in our diets.

To become younger, we need to give the body real nutrition of fresh live food and love every cell in the body!

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Metamagi said...

hei! God, informativ og inspirerende blogg! Jeg er norsk, men bor i sverige, og jeg lurer på den linken du la ut, om du vet om vi får bestilt varer og levert til sverige? Går det innunder tollregler etc? Har blitt rekommandert magnascent iodine, av healeren min, og kom over din blogg da jeg søkte på det :)

Reiki Ranch said...

Dear Metamagi,

Thanks for posting on the Magnesium blog.

I hope you like our products?

I've been using the Magnesium oil spray on my son's sore shoulder for three days and he can move his arms more freely. It is great stuff.